rev-o-lu-tion: a complete, permanent, fundamental change

Kids Pastors need to have insight into the world that kids live in, how it shapes their worlds view, and to be seeking revelation form God about how to lead them into being life long followers of Jesus.  Join us on the journey as we discover what that looks like!


My name is Sarah Thompson (aka Miss Sarah), kids pastor at SouthLife Church in sunny Dunedin, in the most stunning country in the world, New Zealand!

After graduating teachers college, I headed to LifeWay Bible College to do Youth Ministry Course for a year.  I honestly thought I would spend my life doing youth ministry but God had other plans!  I returned to Dunedin the following year to do an internship with the kids ministry.  Since then I kinda just stuck around, and I took over as team leader in 2005.

After doing relief teaching on the side for a couple of years the oppertunity came up to look after some kids part time.  It’s the funest thing ever, especially since they don’t go to church and are very curious about God.

I believe that we are on the tipping point of something amazingly huge in kids ministry.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through th kids in this generation.  What a privillage to be leading them!

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4 Responses to About

  1. Tim Inman says:

    Great blog, Sarah!

  2. nealch85 says:

    hey sarah, I found it kind of funny how simular both our journey’s have been! almost scary infact! haha
    great blog you have here, i have only just activated mine today. hopefully get some thoughts up soon!


    Chris Neal, Australia

  3. Karen Warner says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I was at the Orange Mentoring retreat with you last year. I downloaded a Bible reading bookmark from your website last year and was wondering if you still have that as a file that you would be happy to send? I would love to print some off for my kids and it would be easier if it was a file rather than a hardcopy. No worries if you don’t.

    ( Pakuranga Baptist Church, AK)

  4. Sarah says:

    Just sent it to you in an email 🙂

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