coming up this week in the life of Sarah…

August 19, 2010

tomorrow I get a hideously early flight to Auckland, hanging out with other ACTS kidmin people in the afternoon…

Then KIDSHAPER NEW ZEALAND, this is going to be phenomenal, I can not wait! I know I’ve said it before but I really do believe that Kidshaper is going to be a key that unlocks some stuff in kidmin in New Zealand… so that is Friday night then all day Saturday.

Sunday I have an even more hideously early flight to Sydney, but it will totally be worth it cos I’m going to see what happens at Hillsong Kids, so excited!

Hanging in Sydney for a couple of days then off to Melbourne for Kidshaper… yea thats two Kidshapers in one week, but a few from my team are going to the Melbs one soooo… obliged to really. Hehe, not hearing me complain!

Then back next Saturday and straight back into it! Looking forward to meeting up with as many awesome people as I possibly can along the way!

God is Good

August 13, 2010

Today I’ve found a new appreciation for the book of Job.  Not quite because my life is a complete disaster… although my day was nearly there!

I’m getting organised for next months topic – we use other curriculums for the majority of the year and do about 3 months of our own stuff cos we want to do it really well.  So next month we are doing God is Good! We’re breaking it down like this…

week 1: God is our good Dad (just happens to be fathers day!)

week 2: God is good when things are bad (this is where Job comes in)

week 3: God has a good plan

week 4: Our Good God pursues US

Last night and this morning I was re-telling the story of Job (doing my best to not write it in my new favorite genre, Rhyme a rhyme every week might be a bit much!), so naturally today is the day that EVERYTHING goes wrong!  Now that I think about it, it wasn’t actually EVERYTHING, but my car started to play up… I had to run around and pick up kids from play centre and school, organise stuff for EPIC and then my car was needed to make the drive down to Balclutha and back in the evening.  I has a spare 20 minutes and took the car to the garage and talked to Steve (the best mechanic in Dunedin btw). I’ve got white smoke coming out the exhaust (apparently NOT a good thing) and loads of rust in the engine…

So I’m driving around frantically, starting to wonder how much fixing my car is going to end up costing and freaking out about how I will get everything done for tonight.  The stuff we’re teaching from Job seems more real… I found myself talking to the 3 year old I look after and saying, “things are NOT going good at all today, but even so, God is still good!”. I’m kinda glad I had her there, if not I would have been a lot slower to take control of my frustration and remind myself that God is actually good.

Car problems haven’t been resolved yet… still a little scared to find out how bad my car is and how much it will cost, but everything tonight worked out really well.  We all got to Balclutha and back safely, EPIC was off the charts, we had 18 kids and it was the first time we’ve run it down there… so that is 18 first time! Not bad at all!  So God is good when things are bad… and God has a GOOD plan! I like it!