Converstation with a 6 year old

January 28, 2010

I sat with Maya on the steps eating an ice block this afternoon.  This is our conversation…

Maya: um Sarah
Me: yea
Maya: Um, can I ask you a question?
Me: Yep
Maya: when do you meet someone?
Me: huh?
Maya: I mean when will you meet the boy that you will get married to?
Me: Um, dunno
Maya: where?
Me: Your guess is as good as mine
Maya: how?
Me: well I guess I’ll be friends with a guy for a while and then we will decide that we like each other enough
Maya: Oh. I thought that you like went to a thing at church and there were lots of people there and you picked someone that you liked.
Me: Hmmm. No.
Maya: Oh.
Me: You might like how someone looks like on the outside but it’s not till you are friends with them till you know what they are like on the inside. Some people aren’t so nice on the inside.
Maya: I know some boys that are nice on the outside.
Me: really? who?
Maya: oh two boys actaully on the TV.
Me: hmm
Maya: I can’t remember his name. You know the one on the CD that we’ve got.
Me: um…
Maya: does this juice stain? These are my best pants.

The End.

Top 10 search terms

January 11, 2010

Browsing through the serch terms for how people came to my blog is always interesting and entertaining.  Here goes my top 10…

10.  kids pastor, “children’s pastor” resources

9.  psalm 139 for kids

8.  egg poster, easter egg hunt posters,easter egg

7.  kids ministry on sheep and the shepherd, sheperds after his heart

6.  onesies for grown men, onesie pj, adult onesie, onesie pjs men (HA!)

5.  nz music month, rapture rackus, salmonella dub

4.  maori language week, maori language, maori

3.  childrens ministry revolution nz, its a kids ministry revolution,sarah kidmın, kid’s ministry revolution etc

2.  kids ministry, exciting kids ministry (I’ll take that as a complement), kidz ministry (“z”?! how did that end up on my blog?)

1.  kids ministry names, names for kids ministry, cool kids ministry names, cool names for children’s ministry

Interesting eh.  You can actually learn a lot about what people are looking for from the search terms.

Here are a few randoms for the sake of it…