vote for your fave kidmin blog…

March 15, 2010

So, perhaps I’m a little like JD in the following video… ratings are meaningless… whats the point?

Then I see my blog listed there… ha ha.  It will never be number one because there are many bloggers on this planet that have spent years serving in kids ministry and their input into others through their blog is incredibly valuable.  But it is kinda nice!

So if you want to support a little blog from a kids pastor in NZ, then vote here.  One thing that I aim to do through this blog is to raise the profile of kids ministry in New Zealand, so voting can only help that!  And if you dont already then check out some of the other blogs in the running, they really are gold.

Top 10 search terms

January 11, 2010

Browsing through the serch terms for how people came to my blog is always interesting and entertaining.  Here goes my top 10…

10.  kids pastor, “children’s pastor” resources

9.  psalm 139 for kids

8.  egg poster, easter egg hunt posters,easter egg

7.  kids ministry on sheep and the shepherd, sheperds after his heart

6.  onesies for grown men, onesie pj, adult onesie, onesie pjs men (HA!)

5.  nz music month, rapture rackus, salmonella dub

4.  maori language week, maori language, maori

3.  childrens ministry revolution nz, its a kids ministry revolution,sarah kidmın, kid’s ministry revolution etc

2.  kids ministry, exciting kids ministry (I’ll take that as a complement), kidz ministry (“z”?! how did that end up on my blog?)

1.  kids ministry names, names for kids ministry, cool kids ministry names, cool names for children’s ministry

Interesting eh.  You can actually learn a lot about what people are looking for from the search terms.

Here are a few randoms for the sake of it…