The Test

November 26, 2009

I was reading Matthew 4 the other day.  It struck me that Jesus must have been really really hungry.  I’ve never done an absolute fast for 40 days but I imagine that He was probably more then sell your birthright for some stew kinda hungry.  The devil really appealed not only to what Jesus wanted but what He needed, everything in His entire being wanted food, and here was an opportunity.

But Jesus knew better.  He said NO!  And He stood on the word of God as He said it.

Then again the devil offered to give Him everything in the whole world if He worshiped the devil.  Hmm.  Jesus knew that He would one day He would have all that stuff.  But He also would have understood that there would be a huge cost to get there.  But He weighed it up and once again said NO! The scriptures say worship the Lord and serve only Him!

Sometimes in life we really really want something with everything in our being.  And sometimes there is an option put infront of us that will be a quick fix but we know it’s not God’s best for us.  Maybe it’s hanging out for a ministry oppertunity that God has spoken to us about for years, maybe it’s a relationship or something else.  But whatever it is, Jesus has been there and passed the test.  And the same spirit that lives in Him lives in you and me!  We can pass the test with flying colours cos He’s on our side and His way (though often the long and hard way) is always the best and by far the most rewarding.