Easter Egg Hunt and Faith

April 7, 2009

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

This is definitely the biggest event we’ve ever run!  I’ve really wanted to get out and do some more stuff in and for our community for a while.  The truth is, most of them don’t even know we’re here, let alone that we’ve got a great kids ministry!

The point of the Easter Egg Hunt is just to have fun, no preaching or anything, just bouncy castles, face painting, games and of course, egg hunting.  We want to bless the families in our community, and create oppertunities to build relationships. We’re following it up with the Easter Invasion service, a great chance for people to come into church for the first time.

I’ve been talking with my team a lot recently about the difference between what we think will happen (limited by our humanness!) and what God has in mind.  The difference is faith.  I’ve never before in my life been so confident then I do right now that God is going to do something through us this weekend that we have never seen before.  I believe that we are going to see both the Easter Egg Hunt and our Invasion Service packed to the max.  I believe that we are going to see friendships built with families in our community.  I believe that peoples lives will be changed by the Good News.  I believe that we will even see people healed, both on the inside and out, ’cause it’s not our work that we’re doing but Jesus’!

It takes team

I’ve been thinking about how I got to this place of faith, being sure of what I don’t yet see…Part of it is the fact that I’ve been seeking God for myself, but I’m positive that a lot has to do with the people around me.  Today in our core team meeting I was encouraged when someone said “I think we should expect more then what we’re planning for”… that gave me even more confidence, it’s like what I believed got stronger.  There was a real sense of us spurring each other on. As well as that, hearing stories from other kids pastors in particular has really encouraged me to lift my expectation of what God wants to do in faith.

If you’re struggling to see beyond the limitations of where you are at right now can I encourage you to surround yourself with faith speaking people.  Read books, blogs, listen to CD’s, do whatever you can, but also seek God.  All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed.  Do you have faith to believe that God is real?  Then there you go, you’ve got your seed right there.

Tell me your faith story, I would love to hear it!

Kidshaper FLY

August 28, 2008

This time last week I was over in Melbourne for this years Kidshaper Conference, FLY. It was off the hook! Ps Rob Bradbury launched on Wednesday night with a challenge to us to be living at a higher level. God calls us to soar, but so many Christians just float. Why is that? Then we heard Glen Bertau along with Stephanie Sewell and Jeol Chelliah on Thursday.  I’ll post some more thoughts over the next week or so.

If there is one word that sums it up for me it would be FAITH. My faith and expectation of what God can do through me and the children’s ministry that I lead was lifted. It’s totally what I needed! I’ve realized even more since I’ve been back that my limits determine the limits on my team. As leaders we have to be always pushing the boundaries, the lives of cities full of kids depend on it!

A highlight for me (no suprises for those who know me well) was meeting loads of people. It was great to hang out with some fellow Kiwis from Auckland, as well as meet some of the people that I’ve been meeting on cmconnect.

I love what God is doing in kids ministry in Australia and NZ, and I’m so excited to be a part of it, what a privilege! I can’t wait to go back next year with my team!