Notebook Top 10

April 7, 2009

Here are some of the highlights from my notes of what people have shared at church and meetings over the past few weeks…


If you ever thing you’re too small to make a different, think of a mosquito in a tent! (Ps Nick Klinkenburg, Church Leadership Night 24 March)


Prayer prepares the way, opens doors and invites the Holy Spirit into a situation.  (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)


Strong Apostolic leadership creates space for gifts and anointing to flow. (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)


Conviction comes with grace and a clear understanding wir shat you should do.  Condemnation is just confusing. (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)


Jesus didn’t start discipleship at the cross but before (Ps Paul Bennett, Church Vision night)


Our purpose isn’t just to build our own life but to be contributors to our community in Dunedin.  We have a God given mandate to actively look for opportunities to share the love that God has for us with those around us. (Trina Roy, Revolution, 29 March)


We will be a generation who see crowds hearing the gospel becuase we were obedient to Jesus and launched out our boat – see Luke 5. (Ps James Roy, Launch Camp)


Your mind has been created to think God thoughts.  (Ps Nick Klinkenburg, Church Leadership Night, 24 March)


Be human in what you do, not just good at what you do.  (Ps Paul Bennett, Staff Meeting, 2 April)


Veer on the side of boldness! (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)