How playgroups can make mums feel

October 29, 2009

Just read this artical about an Australian study that shows that playgroups make mums feel even more guilty then usual because of comparing their children and themselves as parents.

I’m not yet a parent, but I’ve heard this concern expressed by several of my friends who are.  If we’re running a playgroup as a church, I want it to be a place where parents are built up, encouraged and equipped, not walk away feeling like they’re not cutting it as a parent.

Do you run a play group in your church?  What can we do to encourage and  uplifting culutre rather then a comparing culture?  Would love some thoughts.

So proud to be a Kiwi!

October 14, 2009

Wasnt that long ago that us Kiwi’s cringed at our own accent.  Truth is we still do… well I do.  But the likes of the Flight of the Concords have really made the Kiwi sound hot. In fact, a survey done in the UK shows that our accent is both attractive and prestigious!  You can read the whole article here.

If you don’t know any Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) and feel somewhat deprived of enjoying out accent, here is a taste for you…

perhaps this one doesn’t demonstrate prestigousness…

Have a Onesie?

October 13, 2009

There’s this weird phenomenon in our church community, a fascination for the humble onesie, one piece pj’s, usually designed for the older lady, worn by… well if you really desire you can see details here.

I actually think they’re dumb and can’t understand why grown men would travel the world with a onesie in their luggage, but anyhoo… I was reminded of this phenomenon by this…

“And here he is, hand-carrying this letter—Onesimus! He was useless to you before; now he’s useful to both of us.” Philemon v11ish,

Onesimus was a little rat bag, a servant for Philemon.  He probably stole something and caused a bit of trouble, then either bolted or got kicked out.  Either way he ended up meeting Paul, heard the message and started to follow Jesus.

In this letter, Paul is urging Philemon to take Onesie back, telling him about how the young lad had changed, and in fact was as special to him as a son.  Now he’s useful!

I bet you know some young people… maybe they’re on your team, maybe they’re in youth at your church… bet there are even some in you kids ministry that always seem to cause trouble.  It’s so easy to feel like giving up on them.  Perhaps we would be too PC to use the term “useless” to discribe them, but we sure wouldn’t call them “useful”!

There’s a few things I’ve noticed…

  1. No one, dispite the trouble they’ve caused is really useless… God can do the most amazing thing in peoples hearts and lives.
  2. Paul invested a lot of time into this guy.  Is there anyone that I need to invest in, even though the potnetial isn’t blazingly obvious?
  3. Philemon probably needed Paul to point out that Onesimus is now useful.  Perhaps I need to get a fresh perspective on some of those tricky ones.

Onesies may look really silly, but (as some will swear by) are well worth the investment!

A bit of a change

October 8, 2009

Over the past 3 years I’ve being doing relief teaching in primary schools in Dunedin.  I’m paid “20 hours” (if you know what I mean!) at church, which is a huge privilege, so the teaching has been great and it’s worked in really well.  As a kids pastor, the chance to get around primary schools and get a taste of what our kids are up to 30 hours per week has been valuable.  I’ve had the chance to see what is happening for kids in schools from a perspective that even parents don’t get.

This year has been a bit of a challenge.  Although there has been a lot of sickness around (a bonus for anyone who relies on sick people for their job), there have also been a lot more people in the relief pool.  Loads of people returning back to teaching due to economic stuff.  So just a few weeks ago I started thinking and looking around for other options…

Little did I know that God had something in mind.  The day after I talked to my pastor about it and seriously started praying into it, an opportunity came up to help look after a family part time who have tragically lost their mum earlier in the year.  It’s really more then a job, it’s a ministry.  It’s going to be quite a challenge and I’ve got loads of stuff to learn, but what an opportunity!

So If anyone wants an orange folder packed with ready to use activities for any curriculum area for year 1-8 then talk to me!  And if you like, I would appreciate some prayers.

Even If

October 7, 2009

Love this song. Check out the words…

Even if my world falls apart, I know that I will follow you always, always

Even if it tries pulls me down, I know that I will follow you always, always

I know, you’re everything to me,  simply I love you, I love you

It’s unconditional, I will follow you always, Always I will, simply love you

Even if my friends all walk away, I know that I will follow you always, always

Even if I feel like giving up, I know that I will follow you always, always

You’re the reason that I stand, You’re the reason that I live

What if our kids got a hold on what this song is saying?! It’s awesome eh! Can’t wait to sing it on Sunday.

If you’re curious, it’s from “Can You Feel It?”, last years album from Equippers Church.  We sing quite a few of their songs at LifeKids.  They use language that’s incredibly relevant, so it makes sense to our kids and they love it.  These guys are world class, so make sure you check them out.

Random text

October 7, 2009

Just sent this to the high school kids on my team…

You are officially invited to the LifeKids leaders traditional school holiday spring clean. Strong lads required for garage tidy, thoughtful chicks needed for their tidy up expertise. This is an offer you simply can’t refuse. Not only will you experience the joy of team work, but you will receive a free pizza feed, courtesy of Adman… I mean Sarah. Offer valid from 3pm Friday, pizza redeemable before Urban starts.

ACTS National Conference

October 1, 2009

Yo’llo (I just made up  that word!)

Just home from our national conference.  Truly it was amazing!   LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE what God is doing through our movement.  We are so incredibley blessed to have leaders who’s hearts are quick to obey God and loves people.  Our national leader, Bruce Monk, has a beautiful way of honoring those who have gone before, those who are doing the hard yards now, as well as championing the generations coming through – Apostolic Fire Brands!

The highlight (as usual) for me was meeting other kidmin people.  I don’t think Revel has ever seen so many children’s pastors in one week!  We looked the coolest eva in our purple t-shirts.  God is raising up some awesome leaders who are building significant kids ministries and have loads to contribute the the kidmin community and more importantly to the local church.  The really exciting part is that some of these people are going to join us on Kids Ministry Revolution!  I’ll introduce you to them over the next few weeks.

Something I’ve learned/relearned is that I only hold a small piece of the puzzle.  When I met with a couple of other leaders this morning and we started to talk, it was like putting our pieces together.  They make a lot more sense when they’re fitted together.

Hanging out with our team was also very cool.  Great to get to know everyone a little better.  The singing from the 1 and a half year old member of our group (and incidentailly the child of our worship pastor)  all the way to the airport (which in Auckland is quite a long way!) was the cherry on top! Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby…