I heart pastors kids

September 30, 2010

If I had ten cents for every time I hear about pastors and leaders kids getting messed up because their parents pour their heart and soul into ministry, meanwhile the kids are getting their second best then I would be very rich indeed.

We’ve all heard those stories. However, I’ve noticed something different in the leaders kids in our movement. I’ve only seen a glimpse this week, but they are kids that love God more then any other group of kids I’ve seen, and they love the church too.

We seem to have a great healthy culture of parenting in our movement. It gets talked about a lot which is good. Parents don’t put their “call” on hold because they have kids, but they do understand priorities. Even our national leader’s kids have grown up to love the house of God because of their parents love for the House and love for them. And their kids are going on to love God too.

These kids love worshiping God, they love praying, the know EVERY Bible story (which as I’ve found makes it very difficult to create suspense), they are pretty much AWESOME!

I know these parents aren’t by any means perfect but they’re healthy. It’s very exciting to see!


September 23, 2010

Networking  is one of my favorite past times.  I just love connecting with other kidmins and I love connecting people that will be able to encourage each other in what they do.  Thats why this is so exciting…

imakidmin.com is created by Michale Chanley, the same kidmingenius that brought you CMConnect.

Check it out, find a map of your area (if yours isn’t up yet, hang in there, more on the way!), select some pixils and create a link from those profiles to your blog/cmconnect/twitter/fb…

It’s great cos you can visually see who in your area is doing Kidmin, the CONNECT with them!  Yeya!

Along with physical regions, you can also have pixels on the facebook, twitter and blog pages.

I’m hanging out for New Zealand to be added…

Earthquake: Blessing or just Luck?

September 7, 2010

I’m totally convinced that it is by God’s grace and favor that there have been no casualties as a result of the Christchurch earthquake.  Every time the news is on we hear incredible survival stories – people who were within a millimeter of death but as circumstances had it, missed. It’s a miracle that it happened at night and not during the day with everyone at school and work.

But there is another side to the story.  I would love for some feedback from others.  Maybe you’ve survived in a natural disaster where friends and loved ones died.  I would like to know what you think about this…

I’ve been challenged with this idea: if we claim that God has blessed us because we got off so light, what is that saying about similar situations.  Are they going to hear us saying that we are somehow better or more worthy then they?

The obvious comparison is the Haiti earthquake.  Thousands of people died in a quake of a very similar magnitude.  If we are so blessed, if we have God’s favor, then what does that mean for them? Are we saying we are superior?

Or does it just come down to the fact that we live in a developed country with building codes and education and awareness?

Any thoughts?

Highlights from Kidshaper 10 NZ, Aussie and the stuff in between

September 2, 2010

Highlight 1: ACTS

Connecting with ACTS kids people in the afternoon before the NZ conference, had an amazing time in God’s presence together before the conference even started.  I LOVE being a part of a group of people that are committed to each other as we build kids ministry in our local churches.  There is SOMETHING about being in the same room.

Highlight 2: Kidshaper NZ

Just being at the first ever Kidshaper NZ was a beautiful thing! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe that Kidshaper is going to unleash something new in kidmin in New Zealand.  It already has! We need a kids ministry revolution baby!

Highlight 3: Crazy people on stage

The worship team at KS NZ was flippen fantastic.  The team from Life were maniac, they totally owned the stage with so much energy… literally everyone was as nuts as Jo Darby.

Highlight 4: Taste

We tasted. God is GOOD!

Highlight 5:Hillsong Kids

I had the chance to check out Hillsong Kids.  I really love what they are doing! The coolest thing EVER that I saw was the Kids Create team before the service – they welcome kids as they come into the rooms with music and bubbles!  It totally lifts the atmosphere with fun and excitement.  I am totally stealing that idea, it’s genius. PS thanks to Dave, Beci and Kathryn for letting me hang out!

Highlight 6: New Friends

Not meeting any Aussies in Sydney. Apart from the people I already knew, I think I only met about two genuine Aussies.  In fact the first night I was there we had a Kiwi Connect, ate Pineapple Lumps, Jet Planes, Hocky Pocky Mellopuffs, and had a BBQ.  I absolutely enjoyed meeting so many awesome people.  Thanks heaps to Rach + housemates for having me 🙂

Highlight 7: Sydney

Sydney was all round awesomeness, shopping, catching up with old friends, then more shopping… then catching up with more old friends

Highlight 8: Coffee

Melbourne Coffee to be specific… the one thing I was deprived of in Sydney was good coffee, Melbourne made up for that though.

Highlight 9: Tasmania

Random people sitting behind us on the first night of Kidshaper: Where are you from?

Me: New Zealand

Random people: Get out! what are the chances of that! We’re from Tasmania!

And that began a beautiful friendship.

Highlight 10: Apostolic

The Apostolic Church in Australia are kinda like our cousins, so I’ve been wanting to connect with some of their kids people for a while now.  Just happens that the first 3 groups of people that I met were from Apostolic Churches!  Wow that’s cool! The group from Tasmania also happen to be Apostolic.  I like it when God is working behind the scenes…

Highlight 11: Chanley!

Yep that’s right, I met Michael Chanley!  For those of you who aren’t in the know (and if your in kidmin that would be suprising, what rock have you been living under?), Mike started CM Connect, a network for kids leaders to connect.  Connecting people just happens to be one of my favorite past times, so was really great to meet Mike and hear him talk.  He’s quality, that’s what he is!

Highlight 12: Havin a Laugh

I really enjoy laughing. Sometimes I laugh at the stuff in my head but it happens to be the most inappropriate time. Anyways, as usual laughs were not hard to come by at Kidshaper, the highlight of that of course would have to be Funny Man Dan… speaking of FMD, my next highlight is…

Highlight 13: Possibly Platanum

We’re still talking about it now, Dan’s workshop was GOLD… possibly Platinum… some very good stuff on performing/speaking/mcing.

Highlight 14: Friends

Hanging out with kidmin people that connect together through blogs and twitter is seriously cool!  Being in God’s presence, worshiping Him with friends that share a passion for kids ministry (and the IT Crowd) is great, probably the thing I enjoyed the most.  That’s got to be a taste of heaven right there, standing with friends in God’s presence together.

Highlight 15: Home

ahh Dunedin, the land flowing with milk and coffee.  There is nothing like being back at my church, love it.

Huge thanks to Rob Bradbury and his amazing team for following the call of God and running such a ground breaking conference, and even huger thanks for bringing it to New Zealand (the fairer of the Australasian nations…). Your a ledgend!