There’s Something About Mary

April 30, 2011

Mary would have to be one of my heroes in the Bible.

God chose her to do something really significant (you know, be the Son of God’s mum). But there was a cost to pay – she would go against all the social norms of her day. She would have known that some of her mates would perhaps never talk to her again, people would spread rumors, speculating about how she got pregnant. But she said yes anyway.

Elizabeth summed it up really well… “you are blessed becuase you believed that the Lord would do what he said”. (Luke 1:45)

So God chose her to do something significant that goes against the social norms, but he also promised that he would do things supernaturally… the Holy Spirit hovering thing.

Maybe God is calling you to do something that goes against social norms, perhaps even against church culture social norms. When He does, He also does things supernaturally in our lives.

Mary believed that God would do what He said He would do, and becuase of that she was blessed, even when others might not have thought so.