5 things to expect as a LifeKids leader…

November 24, 2009
  1. Expect to be there for the kids. Don’t just be there, BE there.  From the moment you walk in to help set up to the last second of the debrief at the end it’s all about the kids. You’ve got all week to catch up with your mates on fb, go out for coffee, meet in your life group, talk on the phone and text if you must… so  resist the urge to huddle in a sharing circle with your friends in the foyer when you should be meeting kids as they come in, or stand facing the wall trying to hide the fact that your texting as you supervise a game. Get amoungst it, kids love it when they’ve got your full attention.  I reckon thats why kids liked being around Jesus so much, He didn’t get distracted with othe stuff when they were hanging out.
  2. Expect to be seen. Kids notice everything.  If you pick your nose, they’ll see.  If your having a good day they will see.  If you’re having a bad day they’ll see.  If you’ve got at stinky attitude they will see… and we know that monkey see, monkey do.  Quite often if kids are having an unsettled day it reflects whats going on in the adults around them so often there are things that we need to check at the door. Know that you’ll be noticed and that can have a huge impact on the kids you lead.
  3. Expect to grow. I think it’s easy to approach kids ministry like primary school – I’ve been through it and passed all the tests, there’s nothing more I can get out of it now.  We can come along thinking that we’re the experts and the kids need to hear the vast expanse of all we know.  But the cool thing about what we do at LifeKids is that we expect our teaching to not just be information but relvelation, where God takes the information and flicks on the light bulb and kids have that, “A ha!” moment.  If our ears and hearts are open to being challenged by God then any message, regardless of how well you know it you can also have those A ha! moments and cause you to grow.  Grow with the kids, dont just tell them to grow.
  4. Expect to meet God. I love this! There is something special about meeting with other followers of Jesus and worshiping Him together.  He is there in a special way.  And we can’t spend time in the presece of God and walk away the same.  Expect to meet God and expect our kids to meet Him too.
  5. Expect to be lead. A really famous person who I can’t exactly remember but probably John Maxwell once said, “to be a great leader you must be a great follower”.  As a team leader when I’m looking to give more oppertunites to people on my team I’m looking for the ones who follow well.  I know that I can trust them to carry the vision and heart for LifeKids.  I know that they’re not going to go off on some wacky tangent.  If you want to be a good leader, learn to be a good follower.