Southern Cross Kids Camp

January 12, 2010

Last January I was a buddy at Southern Cross Kids Camp.  It’s a week to create safe, happy memories for kids who come from messed up backgrounds, referred by CYFS.  The impact that this week can have on a child is huge.  They have oppertunities to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t, are loved unconditionally and have heaps of fun.  Last year my camper was a runner… I was litterally running to catch up all week.

So next week it’s all happening again!  I would love for you to pray for me and my camper and all the others.  Cant give you her name but she’s 11.

Here’s a list I prepared earlier… just kidding, it’s courtesy of the SCKC news letter:

Pray for:
1. For health and safety – personal, at home, and in the community
2. A ongoing revelation of God’s love
3. For growing responsiveness to God and his people
4. Peace and healing in their lives
5. For revelation to know they are accepted, secure and significant
6. For fun at camp—good memories
7. A sense of safety and security at camp
8. For lasting fruit in their lives
9. That they would not become victims of someone else’s decisions
10. Protection of what has been sown when they return home, and acceptance, by their caregivers, of what they have learned.

Leaders and Volunteers
Pray for:
1. Energy
2. Resourcefulness and creativity
3. Vision and passion
4. Unity in the team
5. Wisdom in what they do
6. Refreshing times
7. Favour with relationships—with one another and kids
8. Abundant grace for their tasks
9. Intimacy with God – personally and within their Church/faith community
10. Protection – physical, mental-emotional, social and spiritual