Coffee in Aussie

August 29, 2008

It’s hard for me to go anywhere and not comment on coffee.  Last year when I was in Wellington for a few days I sent updates to all my friends about my coffee experiences.  So, here goes my evaluation of coffee in Australia…

My Senior Pastor is from Tasmania, and quite frequently jumps the ditch and spends time over there.  He warned me about the coffee.  How very wise.

First off, in New Zealand (the land flowing with milk and coffee) it would be safe to assume that if you order a coffee it will be two shots, unless of course you are low enough to go to McCafe or Starbucks.  Two shots is the way coffee should be served.  In Australia, this is called strong. On advisement from Ps Paul I specifically requested “two shots” every time I ordered.  “Oh, you mean strong?” replies the barista.  Sure.  Strong. Whatever.

My second observation is that the coffee is generally over extracted.  Coffee extraction should take about 25 seconds and produce about 30ml of coffee plus crema which should be a golden brown colour.  When coffee is over extracted it looks darker, less crema and tastes burnt and bitter.

Finally, the quality of the milk dissapointed me (in all except one cafe).  It seems that our definition of “flat white” may be a little different.  The milk in a flat white should be smooth velvet-like.  One cafe I went to had milk with absolutly no texture at all, other then a few bubbles on top!

You may be woundering what was the one cafe hit the spot!  That would be Groove Train in Richmond.  I would give it 4 stars out of 5.  Like all of my coffee experiences in Melbourne I did have a few over extracted ones from there, but otherwise satisfactory!

Kidshaper FLY

August 28, 2008

This time last week I was over in Melbourne for this years Kidshaper Conference, FLY. It was off the hook! Ps Rob Bradbury launched on Wednesday night with a challenge to us to be living at a higher level. God calls us to soar, but so many Christians just float. Why is that? Then we heard Glen Bertau along with Stephanie Sewell and Jeol Chelliah on Thursday.  I’ll post some more thoughts over the next week or so.

If there is one word that sums it up for me it would be FAITH. My faith and expectation of what God can do through me and the children’s ministry that I lead was lifted. It’s totally what I needed! I’ve realized even more since I’ve been back that my limits determine the limits on my team. As leaders we have to be always pushing the boundaries, the lives of cities full of kids depend on it!

A highlight for me (no suprises for those who know me well) was meeting loads of people. It was great to hang out with some fellow Kiwis from Auckland, as well as meet some of the people that I’ve been meeting on cmconnect.

I love what God is doing in kids ministry in Australia and NZ, and I’m so excited to be a part of it, what a privilege! I can’t wait to go back next year with my team!


August 18, 2008

Two weeks ago we had the most amazing weekend of the year, KidsRock 08, Shine!  A conference style weekend for kids.  We had the privilege of having Stephanie Sewell from LIFE in Auckland speaking.  She shared with the kids about prayer, being a leader and hearing the Holy Spirit speaking to us.  It was such a powerful time, kids were really impacted. We’ve got loads of stories that will get posted on the KidsRock site over the next few weeks.  You can also check out some photos there…

It’s the first time we’ve done something quite this big. I kinda felt over my head most of the time (still do!), but that’s a good thing right?!  Our team were amazing.  It turned out that I had the flu so I was out of action most of the weekend, but despite that, the team picked it up and kept going.  In fact our own Penny and Carly spoke on Saturday night and Sunday morning (in front of the whole church!).  I’m still hearing rave reviews from people in our church!

So well done team!  I know I’ve said it before, but you rock!