Orange Quotes

April 30, 2009

Here are some tweets that I’ve read from Orange 09

  • You’re not here to change the world. You’re here to serve the Guy who DID. – Craig Jutila
  • We need to help parents redefine their relationships with growing children.
  • Two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences
  • The best day in your childs life should be at home not at church
  • Has an appointment with Jesus made it 2 your calendar? It better. Wideman
  • Do parents elevate their kids success in this world over their willingness to live out who they are in Christ?
  • How deep do you want relationships to be in your kids ministry?
  • BE A BROKEN RECORD. They are not thinking about it 24/7 like you.
  • If you are addressing the same problem without resolution, what you think is the problem might not be the problem Wideman
  • Sometimes knowing what NOT to do is as important as what to do. Jim Wideman
  • Selective Creativity. Selectively decide whose great ideas you want to “borrow”. Wideman
  • Don’t procrastinate. Do what you need to do right now! Putting it off will only take up more time later. Wideman
  • If you operate your ministry as if it was twice it size, you would not have a shortage of volunteers. Wideman

If you want some cool kidmin people to follow, check out these guys…

Gina McLain, Kenny Coloney, Sam Luce, Jonathan Cliff, Matt McKee


Orange 09

April 29, 2009

While I’m on the other side of the planet, I’m tacking with the bloggers and tweets who are at Orange Conference.  So far I have almost a page of notes that I’ve copied and pasted or quotes that have really stood out to me.

In this video, Kenny Conley asks Chuck Bomar a student pastor what kids pastors should know about student ministry…

Orange Conference 09 – College Ministry (Chuck Bomar) from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

The Part at the Start

April 27, 2009

A few weeks ago Jason Palmer started this discussion on CM Connect about pre-service ideas.  We call our pre service activities, Part at the Start.  Origional I know… totally open to new ideas by the way.

It was cool to watch the discussion and it inspired me becuase we’re looking to amp up what we do at the moment too.

Last week our D-Squad (Highschool aged leaders) brainstormed some ideas and came up with a plan.  They are now in charge of running that aspect of the service, leaving other leaders free to focus on greeting kids, see how there week has been rather then running activities.

Yesterday the Part at the Start took a huge step up.  They had mini stilts to play on, a lego area, the Chocolate Game (but with grapes instead of a block of chocolate) as well as a few other things.  The atmosphare that they created was great.  The kids came in and were instantly interested in what was going on becuase it was different to last week, and it was crazy but not chaotic!

The best part is that the culture created in that environment overflowed into the service and then LifeGroups.  It made it easier to lead and actually settled some of our behaviour challenges.   Yipee!

If you want more ideas, make sure you check out the discussion, and if you’ve got some great ones that work then share!

Water v’s Gasoline

April 23, 2009

In John Maxwells book Equipping 101 he shares something that he tells new team members. He says that within the organization they will sometimes be the first at the scene of a fire.  In their hands they have two buckets, one with water, one with gasoline.  They can choose which one to put on the fire – water to put it out or gasoline to make it bigger.

What do those little fires look like?  In my experince most fires that can turn into damaging blazes are stinky attitudes and complaining… complaining about what leadership is doing wrong… complaining about what leadership isn’t doing right… complaining about being on the roster too much… you get the idea.

When a complaint finds agreement it turns into something a little bigger because it’s justified… someone else then adds their ten cents worth and it gets bigger again.  Thats what gasoline does.

So what does water do?  Water makes people feel heard and understood but then directs them along the right path to deal with it.  Who should they talk to about this instead of grubling? Are there any attidudes that need to be challenged?

Above all, buckets of water stick up for other people on the team, that includes the Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Worship Pastor… and also those that you have responsibility for.  It’s about watching each others backs through thick and thin and dealing with small fires the right way before the spread.

What Would You Do?

April 20, 2009

If you’ve been doing kids ministry for a while and run conferences for kids you might be able to offer some ideas.

We’ve run a conference for kids called KidsRock for the past two years, and I’m excited about doing it again this July.  KidsRock is about bringing kids from different churches together and creating an environment where they can meet with God and have a life changing encounter with Him.

Last year we decided to open it up to the kids leaders from other churches, the idea being that they have relationship with the kids and they will do after the conference as well.  How cool would it be if their leaders hear the same messages as the kids and are able to keep challenging them about the things that they learnt and experienced at the conference.

However, we discovered that they didn’t carry the same culture that our team carries.  Rather then getting in amoungst their kids and joining in worship they stood around the outside with arms folded and sat on the seats during the teaching times while our leaders sat with the kids and did a bit of “crowed control” as they usually do.

This hugely effected the culture and made it a lot harder for their kids to really step out of their comfort zone and it acutally made it quite intimidating for anyone who was up the front MCing, worship leading or speaking.

The question I would like to put to you is this:

Do you think that having leaders that are already discipleing the kids present at the conference


Would you stick with the leaders that carry the culture but may not already know the kids?

I have a few more ideas of my own but I would like to know yours!  Please leave a comment!

P.S. I’ve also posted this as a CMConnect Forum

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

April 16, 2009

This is the first time that we’ve run an Easter Egg Hunt. I got the idea from Andy Kirk, (kids pastor at Metro Church Gold Coast). It was an absolute sucess, we even got into the local new paper!  A few peeps want to know how we ran it, so here is the run down and what we will do differently next year…


the-great-easter-egg-hunt1Simple really, we made a cool poster and emailed it to all our local primary schools to put in their news letter.  Most of them did.  We also got 10,000 A6 printed and got a bunch of volunteers to do a letter box drop.  We focused on the areas we specifically want to work in.  This was incredibly effective.  I also took some poster around a few shops to put up in their window.  I’m not convinced this was worth it.

Next Year

Same as this year but perhaps double the number of flyers to go into peoples letter boxes.  We ran out!  We will also contct the Dunedin Events Centre who get the word out for us and if we can get the space in our local papers we’ll get it in there too.  I’m anticipating that word of mouth from this year will also be effective.

The Event

Along with the hunt itself we had bouncy castles, face painting, games and my little bro came along and played his guitar.  (Everything except the hunt was free).  The park that we held it at had loads of cool park things that also kept the kids busy.

Next Year

All of that plus maybe a skate comp and more noice.  We’ll get a sound system and have more live music.  It would be great to get a radio station to come and hang out too.

The Hunt

  • Parents had to register their children for the hunt, it cost them $2.  We had tables set up with an incredible team handled regos.
  • When each child registered they were assigned to a hunt (max 50 children per slot).  We divided them according to age (3-5, 6- 8 and 9-12 year olds).  Each child recieved a sticker with a letter that told them what hunt they would be in (hunt A, B, C…) and were told what time their hnt would be.
  • 2 min before their hunt time, the kids reported to the leader holding their card at the hunting area, then they started hunting!
  • The eggs were hidden in straw.
  • Along with eggs, there were several ice cream sticks hidden in the straw.  These sticks had numbers on them.  After the hunt they took the stick to the prize table and swapped the stick for a prize.
  • When they finished hunting, they chose popcorn or candy floss.  They handed over their sticker so they couldn’t go back for seconds!

Next Year

Just one hunt per year (ie 3 year olds, 4 year olds…), rather then repeating samaller hunts over and over.  We’ll need to advertise this along with the times so that no one misses out.  We’ll organises a parents hunt too!

Follow Up

When parnets registerd their kids we required them to fill in a form with their children’s names, ages and a family email address.  We also had a tick box for those who would prefer to not be contacted about future events.  Very few ticked the box and a hand full left the email empty.  Some wrote a phone number or postal address instead.

With these email addresses we’ll send a “Thank You for coming” email, and then 5 or 6 through out the year with specific events that these families might be interested in.  The last thing we want to do is hound them.  We do however want to raise awareness of what our church does and open the door as wide as we can!

Next Year

We’ll ask for either email or postal address to allow for those who don’t use email.


For some families $2 for a hunt actually is a big deal and others didn’t know it was on and came unprepared but came and did all the free stuff which meant that they didn’t have to register.  Since our main objective is to build relationships with families in our city and to keep them in the loop with what we’re doing we want to get everyone to register.  Next year we’ll make the hunt free (but still have to register) and charge a minimal fee for the bouncy castles etc.  That way the one thing that every can do they have to register for.

Since this is the first ever time we’ve done this we’re still newbys!  If you’ve go some great ideas from you Easter Egg Hunts I would love to know, so make sure you leave a comment.

Notebook Top 10

April 7, 2009

Here are some of the highlights from my notes of what people have shared at church and meetings over the past few weeks…


If you ever thing you’re too small to make a different, think of a mosquito in a tent! (Ps Nick Klinkenburg, Church Leadership Night 24 March)


Prayer prepares the way, opens doors and invites the Holy Spirit into a situation.  (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)


Strong Apostolic leadership creates space for gifts and anointing to flow. (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)


Conviction comes with grace and a clear understanding wir shat you should do.  Condemnation is just confusing. (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)


Jesus didn’t start discipleship at the cross but before (Ps Paul Bennett, Church Vision night)


Our purpose isn’t just to build our own life but to be contributors to our community in Dunedin.  We have a God given mandate to actively look for opportunities to share the love that God has for us with those around us. (Trina Roy, Revolution, 29 March)


We will be a generation who see crowds hearing the gospel becuase we were obedient to Jesus and launched out our boat – see Luke 5. (Ps James Roy, Launch Camp)


Your mind has been created to think God thoughts.  (Ps Nick Klinkenburg, Church Leadership Night, 24 March)


Be human in what you do, not just good at what you do.  (Ps Paul Bennett, Staff Meeting, 2 April)


Veer on the side of boldness! (Jill Smith, Prayer Block course)