Push or Pull

March 21, 2010

Here’s a little piece about insecurity.

They way I see it, there are one of two things that will motivate me to do something.  Pull: responding to what God is telling me, allowing Him to stir me to do something, or Push: being influenced by what I feel other people think about me.

We get pushed when we feel insecure.  Perhaps we want to prove something to someone who we feel looks down on us or hurt us in the past.  Perhaps we want to prove something to ourselves. We feel pressure to perform, measure up. It always ends up badly, because when we do something from being pushed, we’re not doing it with the strength and grace that God provides.

Push is especially dangerous when we lead others.  Its like dominoes.  The standards that we put on ourselves get transferred to those we lead.  We push them.

But God is calling us, drawing us, stirring us.  He takes great delight when we step out with Him because it brings us to a place where we know and trust Him more.  God’s not pushy.  He’s inviting.

When we’re in a place where God has pulled us to, we can pull others in.

Every place where you set your foot

March 3, 2010

Started reading Joshua the other day, I think I might get stuck in chapter one for a while, there is just so much in there!

We’ve heard the “every place you set your foot” thing over and over.  It’s important to remember that God had already specifically told the people the land that would be theirs, so the setting foot thing wasn’t just on random land but promised land.

What land has God promised you?  I asked myself that question… that land is the families in Dunedin that don’t yet know God, it’s my neighbors that are still lost, it’s the young mums that I have the privilege of getting to know at the moment.  But to see that land actually won and restored to the promises of God I need to step into it.

Stepping into that territory for me involves stepping outside my comfort zone and making an effort to connect with these people.  Truth is I’m so often occupied with organizing rosters, planning curriculum, working out what to say at the next team meeting and so on that I rarely ever STEP into the territory that God has promised.

Just another reminder to look at my priorities and make some adjustments.

Slow Down

February 3, 2010

This one is for all you task orientated people out there… my philosophy on life seems to have been to do everything as fast as I can so that I can smell the roses at the other end.  Trouble is that even when I do occasionally get to the other end, I don’t actually really relax that well because I’ve been going a million miles an hour.

But this year God has shown me it’s not the only way, in fact it’s not the way he designed me to work at all. Ps Paul challenged us as staff meeting last week to not HURRY! That’s exactly where it’s at. This is what I’ve found… slowing down…

  • help me see things I otherwise missed
  • requires me to trust God that things would get done rather then striving in my own strength
  • is more Mary then Martha
  • gives more time to people
  • makes life so much more fun
  • draws me closer to my creator

There have been a few close calls of things that I’ve needed to get done, but God always comes through.  I’m learning to trust God and honor him with  my time.

5 things to expect as a LifeKids leader…

November 24, 2009
  1. Expect to be there for the kids. Don’t just be there, BE there.  From the moment you walk in to help set up to the last second of the debrief at the end it’s all about the kids. You’ve got all week to catch up with your mates on fb, go out for coffee, meet in your life group, talk on the phone and text if you must… so  resist the urge to huddle in a sharing circle with your friends in the foyer when you should be meeting kids as they come in, or stand facing the wall trying to hide the fact that your texting as you supervise a game. Get amoungst it, kids love it when they’ve got your full attention.  I reckon thats why kids liked being around Jesus so much, He didn’t get distracted with othe stuff when they were hanging out.
  2. Expect to be seen. Kids notice everything.  If you pick your nose, they’ll see.  If your having a good day they will see.  If you’re having a bad day they’ll see.  If you’ve got at stinky attitude they will see… and we know that monkey see, monkey do.  Quite often if kids are having an unsettled day it reflects whats going on in the adults around them so often there are things that we need to check at the door. Know that you’ll be noticed and that can have a huge impact on the kids you lead.
  3. Expect to grow. I think it’s easy to approach kids ministry like primary school – I’ve been through it and passed all the tests, there’s nothing more I can get out of it now.  We can come along thinking that we’re the experts and the kids need to hear the vast expanse of all we know.  But the cool thing about what we do at LifeKids is that we expect our teaching to not just be information but relvelation, where God takes the information and flicks on the light bulb and kids have that, “A ha!” moment.  If our ears and hearts are open to being challenged by God then any message, regardless of how well you know it you can also have those A ha! moments and cause you to grow.  Grow with the kids, dont just tell them to grow.
  4. Expect to meet God. I love this! There is something special about meeting with other followers of Jesus and worshiping Him together.  He is there in a special way.  And we can’t spend time in the presece of God and walk away the same.  Expect to meet God and expect our kids to meet Him too.
  5. Expect to be lead. A really famous person who I can’t exactly remember but probably John Maxwell once said, “to be a great leader you must be a great follower”.  As a team leader when I’m looking to give more oppertunites to people on my team I’m looking for the ones who follow well.  I know that I can trust them to carry the vision and heart for LifeKids.  I know that they’re not going to go off on some wacky tangent.  If you want to be a good leader, learn to be a good follower.

Orange Quotes

April 30, 2009

Here are some tweets that I’ve read from Orange 09

  • You’re not here to change the world. You’re here to serve the Guy who DID. – Craig Jutila
  • We need to help parents redefine their relationships with growing children.
  • Two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences
  • The best day in your childs life should be at home not at church
  • Has an appointment with Jesus made it 2 your calendar? It better. Wideman
  • Do parents elevate their kids success in this world over their willingness to live out who they are in Christ?
  • How deep do you want relationships to be in your kids ministry?
  • BE A BROKEN RECORD. They are not thinking about it 24/7 like you.
  • If you are addressing the same problem without resolution, what you think is the problem might not be the problem Wideman
  • Sometimes knowing what NOT to do is as important as what to do. Jim Wideman
  • Selective Creativity. Selectively decide whose great ideas you want to “borrow”. Wideman
  • Don’t procrastinate. Do what you need to do right now! Putting it off will only take up more time later. Wideman
  • If you operate your ministry as if it was twice it size, you would not have a shortage of volunteers. Wideman

If you want some cool kidmin people to follow, check out these guys…

Gina McLain, Kenny Coloney, Sam Luce, Jonathan Cliff, Matt McKee

Water v’s Gasoline

April 23, 2009

In John Maxwells book Equipping 101 he shares something that he tells new team members. He says that within the organization they will sometimes be the first at the scene of a fire.  In their hands they have two buckets, one with water, one with gasoline.  They can choose which one to put on the fire – water to put it out or gasoline to make it bigger.

What do those little fires look like?  In my experince most fires that can turn into damaging blazes are stinky attitudes and complaining… complaining about what leadership is doing wrong… complaining about what leadership isn’t doing right… complaining about being on the roster too much… you get the idea.

When a complaint finds agreement it turns into something a little bigger because it’s justified… someone else then adds their ten cents worth and it gets bigger again.  Thats what gasoline does.

So what does water do?  Water makes people feel heard and understood but then directs them along the right path to deal with it.  Who should they talk to about this instead of grubling? Are there any attidudes that need to be challenged?

Above all, buckets of water stick up for other people on the team, that includes the Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Worship Pastor… and also those that you have responsibility for.  It’s about watching each others backs through thick and thin and dealing with small fires the right way before the spread.