Reproducing Leaders

June 17, 2009

I had the privilege of going to a leadership mentoring retreat with Margaret Spicer and Sue Miller last week. I’ll post a few thoughts from it as I continue to process them.

One thing that Margaret talked about that has stuck with me is about recruiting. We all know that standing up in front of church telling them that we’re desperate for their help isn’t exactly appealing. We also know that our team are the best people for recruiting because they know the people plus carry the vision for kids ministry.

She said that Life Group leaders could be responsible for recruiting for their Life Group. Of course they will need to be cool with the team leader, but they could bring a friend in as an “apprentice” leader as the group begins to grow. Then by the time it’s too big to be one group, there is a leader primed to take their own.

I like it! Might give it a go on our team.

Have you tried something like this? What works and what are the challenges for you?

What Would Jesus Do?

June 11, 2009

I know that this one has been done before, but I was thinking today…

If Jesus were here in my city today, flesh and blood, what would he be up to?

I started a discussion on CMConnect, check it out here

My definition: Kids Ministry Revolution

June 10, 2009

Every time I think about this it changes a little… I guess that’s exactly it!

It’s easy to find something that works in Kids Ministry and settle into it without giving it much thought.

Something that I’ve heard sums up how a lot of churches see children’s ministry… “this curriculum is great because you don’t need to do much, just 10 min prep and you’re done…”

I get that sometimes life gets hectic and there are seasons where this is ok, but every week? Come on!

Do you expect your pastor to Google “sermon” at 10:30 every Saturday night for something easy to read off to the congregation in the morning?  I hope the answer is a resounding NO!!!!

Just like we expect those who preach to adults to spend time in the Word, listening to God’s heart beat for His people fresh each week and to get revelation for the direction of the church, we should expect the same of those who lead children.  They are, after all, the Church!

The world we live in is changing constantly but that change doesn’t scare God.  He’s got a plan, He knows the way towards restoring lives back to Him for His glory.

Children’s leaders of all people need to keep it fresh, spending time seeking God about what is on His heart for the kids and families they lead and how they go about communicating and leading.  As they do, lives are changed, hope is restored and dreams are born so that the world around them is impacted with the truth and love of God, not just on a Sunday but Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

To sum it up: leaders who lead our of revelation will see a revolution.