Through new eyes

December 7, 2009

I had the privilege of taking two of the girls (6 and 7) I look after to LifeKids with me on Sunday.  It’s the first time they’ve been to church in their life other then for their mums funeral, so everything was completly new to them.

Being aware of their background it was very interesting to see how they responded:

  • As soon as they connected with other kids they felt they belonged there
  • No one told them about lifting your hands in worship but they followed what everyone else was doing
  • The 7 year old told me in the car that she should have taken her bag in with her so that she could put her $20 that in the offering!!
  • There were several times where what the leaders were saying wouldn’t have made much sense since they didn’t have the same background knowledge as most churchy kids. It could potentially be quite confusing.
  • One comment was “we prayed lots of times”.  They hadn’t previously made any connection with God, praying and church.
  • They remember parts of songs even if they’ve only sung them a couple of times. I heard them walking around the house singing “I’m gonna clap my hands and sing Hallelujah…”


We need to be so so so careful how we communicate.  Never assume that everyone in the room has the background knowledge needed to understand what you’re talking about, especially when it comes to talking about the offering and salvation message.  If it’s not communicated clearly kids can easily get really weird ideas about stuff, and in their excitement of being there take that weird understanding on board.

On the way home the 6 year old told me about how Christmas is actually all about Jesus and how some people think it all about Santa and presents and they are wrong.  And these were her exact words, “and I learnt that ALL in ONE day!”.  We must be doing something right!

Oh, and they were begging their dad to let them come next week…