Let me at it!

January 15, 2010

What a great start to 2010… God has blessed me so much over the summer so far in every way possible. I had a great time with extended family down at Stewart Island, did lots of adventuring! Had a relaxing week of doing bits and pieces around the house, pulling out weeds and stuff and hanging out with friends.  And then spent a couple of nights camping, just me and Jesus. I’m a little too extrovert to spend more the two days by myself… in fact half way through the first day I’m usually already going crazy, but it’s a discipline that has been really good for me in terms of tuning into what is on God’s heart for my life and LifeKids for the year.

So I’ve been back in the office for a week already and I’m totally exited about the year… even some of the challenges that are ahead. God really is going to do something huge in the life of our church, our kids and our city… He’s up to something all over the planet. What a privilege it is to be working with Him… even though I am like the mouse and He’s the Elephant.  We’re going to make that bridge swing this year and it’s going to be FUN!