Changes to Part the Start

May 5, 2009

If you haven’t read my origional post about Part at the Start then you wont know what it is… it the Part at the Start of our service, a place where kids come and hang out, play games, have colourng in, lego, all sorts of stuff.  It’s a great chance to connect with their leaders and other kids.

One of the main reasons that we started it was becasue half of our families habitually turn up late to the service, some up to half an hour late, and we didn’t want kids missing out on worship at the start.  Its time that we changed that mind set, so we are introducing a couple of changes to help.  Below you will find what I’ve just written.  Yet to find out if it will work or not but we’ll give it a shot!

What it looks like: Families arrive at church ½ an hour prior to the service.  They sign their children into their areas and enjoy coffee and fellowship in the foyer before the service. Parents of older teens and adult actively building relationships with parents of younger children.


  • To connect parents with each other and encourage them to “do life together”
  • To build support for parents and encourage those on the fringes to be more connected with the church family.
  • To encourage families to arrive at church before the service begins.
  • To make better use of the service time – wont need to run Part at the Start for as long as we currently do after the service starts.

What needs to happen:

  • Team to run the café need to be established – Mel Hill is keen to do this.
  • Establish a team to run Part at the Start while other Leaders are in Prayer meeting.  Alternatively could consider the possibility of an earlier prayer meeting
  • Need to have supervisors for Pips and Sprouts available earlier or provide toys and a play area in the foyer for younger children.
  • Need to inform parents and encourage them to take some ownership for it.  Could recruit some of the key “parents of older children” to be involved in actively communicating with parents.

Key People:

  • Café Team – Mel Hill
  • D-Squad – responsible for Part at the Start – Nikanda
  • Pips and Sprouts – Laura
  • Key Parents – working on it


18-23 May Meet with key people to establish their role and responsibilities

Monday 18 May: Details to Life TV team to create video

Sunday 31 May: Item on Life TV

Sunday 7 June: Item on Life TV

Sunday 7 June: first roster available out

Sunday 14 June: roster begins

Feedback welcome!