Converstation with a 6 year old

January 28, 2010

I sat with Maya on the steps eating an ice block this afternoon.  This is our conversation…

Maya: um Sarah
Me: yea
Maya: Um, can I ask you a question?
Me: Yep
Maya: when do you meet someone?
Me: huh?
Maya: I mean when will you meet the boy that you will get married to?
Me: Um, dunno
Maya: where?
Me: Your guess is as good as mine
Maya: how?
Me: well I guess I’ll be friends with a guy for a while and then we will decide that we like each other enough
Maya: Oh. I thought that you like went to a thing at church and there were lots of people there and you picked someone that you liked.
Me: Hmmm. No.
Maya: Oh.
Me: You might like how someone looks like on the outside but it’s not till you are friends with them till you know what they are like on the inside. Some people aren’t so nice on the inside.
Maya: I know some boys that are nice on the outside.
Me: really? who?
Maya: oh two boys actaully on the TV.
Me: hmm
Maya: I can’t remember his name. You know the one on the CD that we’ve got.
Me: um…
Maya: does this juice stain? These are my best pants.

The End.

He had compassion on them and healed their sick…

January 24, 2010

Was reading Matthew 14 this morning.  The gospels seem to say that a lot… He saw all the crowds and had compassion on them and healed their sick.  He cared for people then he performed miracles and helped them out.

Last week at Southern Cross Kids Camp I had the privileged of getting to know some great kids from rough backgrounds.  As we served these kids we knew something of God’s heart for them.  In this place of sharing God’s compassion and love for kids I found it so easy to believe that God would answer my prayers for them.  And guess what… many of the things we prayed for were anwsred…

We saw kids who normally wouldn’t have friends make friends.  Kids who would normally act up get involved in everything.  Kids who would normally be fearful give everything a go!  Kids who have never gone to church ask for their bible to be read to them and to pray before bed time. They asked for it!

We saw bit by bit the broken hearts begin to be healed.  God is not finished yet, he has so much more to do in their lives, but I am so glad that He has shown me to have compassion on them… my faith has soared.

Let me at it!

January 15, 2010

What a great start to 2010… God has blessed me so much over the summer so far in every way possible. I had a great time with extended family down at Stewart Island, did lots of adventuring! Had a relaxing week of doing bits and pieces around the house, pulling out weeds and stuff and hanging out with friends.  And then spent a couple of nights camping, just me and Jesus. I’m a little too extrovert to spend more the two days by myself… in fact half way through the first day I’m usually already going crazy, but it’s a discipline that has been really good for me in terms of tuning into what is on God’s heart for my life and LifeKids for the year.

So I’ve been back in the office for a week already and I’m totally exited about the year… even some of the challenges that are ahead. God really is going to do something huge in the life of our church, our kids and our city… He’s up to something all over the planet. What a privilege it is to be working with Him… even though I am like the mouse and He’s the Elephant.  We’re going to make that bridge swing this year and it’s going to be FUN!

Slogan Maker

January 13, 2010

This is so much fun! When we were doing some curriculum writing we kinda got a bit side tracked…

Our topic for Feb is the House of God, we decided to try that in a slogan.  We were almost wetting ourselves with some of them.  Here are some of my faves…

  • Mum’s gone to House of God
  • Absolute House of God
  • Just for the taste of House of God
  • Have House of God Your Way
  • There’s Always Room for House of God
  • Make Every House of God Count
  • 3 in 1 at House of God
  • A Day Without House of God is Like a Day Without Sunshine
  • The Real Smell House of God
  • You’ll Look a Little Lovelier Every Day with Fabulous Pink House of God
  • Where’s The House of God?
  • House of God Prevents that Sinking Feeling
  • The Cookie That Thinks its a House of God
  • It’s the Bright One, It’s the Right One, It’s House of God!
  • Leggo My House of God
  • Smart. Beautiful. House of God.
  • Get the House of God Habit
  • The House of God of Champions
  • Happiness is House of God Shaped

Southern Cross Kids Camp

January 12, 2010

Last January I was a buddy at Southern Cross Kids Camp.  It’s a week to create safe, happy memories for kids who come from messed up backgrounds, referred by CYFS.  The impact that this week can have on a child is huge.  They have oppertunities to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t, are loved unconditionally and have heaps of fun.  Last year my camper was a runner… I was litterally running to catch up all week.

So next week it’s all happening again!  I would love for you to pray for me and my camper and all the others.  Cant give you her name but she’s 11.

Here’s a list I prepared earlier… just kidding, it’s courtesy of the SCKC news letter:

Pray for:
1. For health and safety – personal, at home, and in the community
2. A ongoing revelation of God’s love
3. For growing responsiveness to God and his people
4. Peace and healing in their lives
5. For revelation to know they are accepted, secure and significant
6. For fun at camp—good memories
7. A sense of safety and security at camp
8. For lasting fruit in their lives
9. That they would not become victims of someone else’s decisions
10. Protection of what has been sown when they return home, and acceptance, by their caregivers, of what they have learned.

Leaders and Volunteers
Pray for:
1. Energy
2. Resourcefulness and creativity
3. Vision and passion
4. Unity in the team
5. Wisdom in what they do
6. Refreshing times
7. Favour with relationships—with one another and kids
8. Abundant grace for their tasks
9. Intimacy with God – personally and within their Church/faith community
10. Protection – physical, mental-emotional, social and spiritual


January 11, 2010

Recently God has been challenging me about where I place my hope.  It’s too easy for it to slip into something that I do, my ministry, or my abilities, my relationships, even what people will think of me.  But all those things are at best temporary. God designed us to put our hope in HIM.

But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him,
on those whose hope is in his unfailing love. (Psalm 33:18)

His “unfailing love” here refers to God’s covenant with Israel.  My NIV study notes say… “the Hebrew for this phrase denotes a strong sense of goodwill, especially such as can be relied on in times of need.”

We can put our hope in his goodwill towards us.  He loves us, he even likes us!  He wants great things for us, so we can be sure that as we put our HOPE in Him we will have everything we need to do His will.

Top 10 search terms

January 11, 2010

Browsing through the serch terms for how people came to my blog is always interesting and entertaining.  Here goes my top 10…

10.  kids pastor, “children’s pastor” resources

9.  psalm 139 for kids

8.  egg poster, easter egg hunt posters,easter egg

7.  kids ministry on sheep and the shepherd, sheperds after his heart

6.  onesies for grown men, onesie pj, adult onesie, onesie pjs men (HA!)

5.  nz music month, rapture rackus, salmonella dub

4.  maori language week, maori language, maori

3.  childrens ministry revolution nz, its a kids ministry revolution,sarah kidmın, kid’s ministry revolution etc

2.  kids ministry, exciting kids ministry (I’ll take that as a complement), kidz ministry (“z”?! how did that end up on my blog?)

1.  kids ministry names, names for kids ministry, cool kids ministry names, cool names for children’s ministry

Interesting eh.  You can actually learn a lot about what people are looking for from the search terms.

Here are a few randoms for the sake of it…

How to run a camp…

January 4, 2010

I’ve been sorting through old files on my computer and came across this one.  I wrote it 4 years ago but someone out there in kidmin land might find it useful.

What’s the point…

There’s no point running a camp just because you can or because you always have.  Before you start, get a clear vision of why you are running the camp so you have something to plan towards.

Here are some possible reasons…

  • Group building: for the kids in you ministry to grow as a community
  • God time: when we are away from our every day life, it’s easier to open our hearts to God, and let Him work in them
  • Teaching: you want to spend some time focusing on a specific topic
  • Personal growth: you want to give kids the chance to step outside their comfort zone, and grow confidence and strength in their relationship with God

No doubt there will be more then one reason, but keep it in mind, and remind your team of the vision as you plan.  Measure everything you plan against the purpose of the camp.  Some activities might be fun or meaningful, but will they help see the vision of the camp work out?


Obviously you will spend a lot of time doing this in the months and weeks leading up to camp.  Remember this: this camp is GOD’S IDEA!  No matter what you plan, be willing to go with the flow, change things around, miss things out if one activity takes longer, or you feel God prompting you to do something else.  It’s not the end of the world if you miss a really great activity, there will always be another camp.  It is important to not hurry a good thing, so relax, and go with the flow…

However, a well thought through plan is essential! Here are some things to think about…

  • Meal times and Snack times: Make sure they aren’t too far apart!  Kids get hungry!
  • Teaching/worship/prayer times: if this is the reason for your camp, then plan these first, and plan other activities to lead up to them, and to prepare kids for them.
  • Small Group times: give kids the chance to reflect on what has been happening, ask questions, do devotions etc.
  • Games: fill in games as well as big games: can they work into your theme? How are they building towards your vision for camp?
  • Art/other activities: allow long enough for these so they are not rushed.  Once again, are the purposed to build into the theme and vision for the camp?
  • Bed time: What time?  All kids at once?

Bed Time

Ahh, the best time of day is when the leaders can relax, enjoy a hot chocolate stuffed with marshmallows and reflect on the day when all the kids are asleep… but how do we get them asleep?

Some things to consider…

  • Some kids will get homesick at this time
  • Some will crash as soon as they hit the sack, some will not!
  • If you’ve got a range of ages do you get them all to bed at one time?

Here are a few tested and tried ideas…

  • Read a bed time story and/or pray, either as a whole cabin or a leader can pray for each one individually.
  • If they are unsettled, get a leader to sit inside the door for 20min while they quiet down.   If they all decide they need to go to the loo, let them go one at a time!
  • Have a video playing for those who just arnt buying into the sleep idea.

Safety at camp

Two things that need to be in place on paper before camp…

  • RAMS form, outlining the possible things that could go wrong that will cause harm to kids and leaders, what you will do to prevent them, and what you will do if it happens.
  • Code of conduct.  You can adopt the one you use for your children’s ministry and make it specific to the camp situation.  Every adult should sign a copy to show they understand it and agree to it.

File copies of these at church, and have one on site.

Things to remember…

  • First Aider on site and available at all times
  • At least one first aid kit.  Perhaps keep it in the kitchen.
  • Set clear boundaries: outside and inside around equipment
  • Kitchen safety: covered shoes on at all times, no children under 12 in kitchen area.

Leaders Briefing

Code of Conduct


Useful things to take that sometimes slip off the radar…

  • String
  • Masking tape (useful for defining boundaries on floor around equipment, and it comes off easily)
  • Kids Bible: useful for bed times
  • Staple gun and staples!
  • Plenty of scrap paper!
  • Toilet paper (just in case you forgot!)
  • Extra bedding