10 reasons why Kids Ministry is soooo important

October 20, 2008

I got the chance to speak at Revolution (our Sunday night services) in a tag team with two others last night.  We were talking about significance, so I pulled this out…

  1. Kids are the Church of tomorrow
  2. Kids are the Church of today
  3. Their worship is powerful Psalm 8:2
  4. Kids come with families
  5. Kids are open to faith
  6. They are vulnerable
  7. Their world view is still taking shape
  8. Not enough Christian adults in the world to tell every kid the Good News Kids will have to do it!
  9. Social pressures that were once a teenage thing are now on pre-teens
  10. Kids are Close to Jesus’ heart

An interesting thing that occured to me while I was thinking about significance is that we often get significance confused with being noticed.  In our worldly fallen state we find our selves striving to be noticed.  We climb corperate ladders, dress to stand out, and do all sorts of things to be noticed.  Thing is that to God we are incredibly significant, and He has called us to be significant in the lives of others.