Unlimited 10

March 14, 2010

Got back from Christchurch at 1:30am today (Sunday) for the second week in a row.  Last weekend was for Emerge, input into the young leaders in our movement.  And this weekend it was with 12 of the best kids team on planet earth for a weekend at Unlimited conference.  We’ve been to this conference since it started 5 years ago and every year its had a huge impact on us. This year Planet Shakers’ Rob Bradbury was speaking.  Our team came away so inspired and impacted with dreams that God has been speaking to them about.  The best time had to be the last session.  Rob lead us through a time of just looking at God… not talking, not doing anything, just being still.  that was so powerful, and then the ministry that lead on from there had a life changing impact.

I love conferences.  There is something about being in an environment of expectation.  It lifts your faith to another level, creates space for God to do something big.  Often it takes someone else to speak into a group of people to break something that takes them to the next level.

So we all got up and lead LifeKids this morning and it went off!  What a team, regardless of how tired they were they gave their best.  God took it and really used it to impact our kids today.