Winter Retret 08

July 7, 2008

This weekend the LifeKids Leaders team went away to Berwick camp for a weekend retreat. On Friday it snowed but sadly there was none on the ground when we woke up on Saturday. It was freezing though, we ended up sleeping in the lounge around the fire! We even had our team leaders debriefing in the sauna in our PJ’s!

All weekend I was constantly amazed to see how much members of our team have grown. We have a lot of leaders who are teens, and their growth in the midst of the pressure their culture puts on them is amazing! Many of them are seriously pursuing God’s call on their life. As for the young adults on our team, I’m also blown away at their commitment, wisdom and passion. I have the best team in the world!

Our main theme was revelation. We know that it would be easy to go week to week doing what we usually do, just because it has worked in the past, but God has so much more! God is never short of fresh ideas. How much better would our children’s ministries be if we are constantly seeking God’s guidance for what we do. What is is that He wants our kids to hear and experience this week? In what way does He want His beautiful kids to meet with Him? To really lead kids to Jesus, we need to have revelation.

Revelation comes when we have relationship. The longer you’ve known someone and the more you time you spend with them the more you know them, the more you know what is on their mind and heart, what makes them tick and what makes them mad. It’s just like that with our relationship with God, the more time we spend with Him the more we He will show us about what is on His heart for us and the kids we lead.