Something to do with kids ministry

March 16, 2011

I haven’t written much for a while, and when I have it’s been about other stuff.  So here are some thoughts I’ve been thinking recently about kidmin…

  • God wants to breath in our kids services.  We can’t live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit, kids are no different.  God has really showed me again how much He wants kids to have an encounter with Him.
  • Don’t underestimate fun – if kids aren’t laughing then they most likely won’t sit still and absorb the serious stuff.  Can’t go past the classic Fluffy Bunnies or a good balloon game.
  • Nothing beats a well planned run sheet on a Sunday morning
  • Preteens/early teens are keen to serve.  We’ve got a great bunch of year 7-10’s who have graduated to Urban Youth and they are passionate about making sure that the kids younger then them have the amazing experience at LifeKids that they had.  They rock my week!
  • Parents bring their kids to your ministry for a reason.  It’s not because they love dragging their kids out the door when they could all be sleeping in and it’s not for the tea and coffee after the service… they usually want their kids to be in the House of God. Most likely it’s also because they like you and what you’re doing… they might just forget to tell you.  So unless you hear otherwise, assume it’s true!


Pray and Keep on Praying

March 2, 2011

Just read Luke 11:5-13 again, it’s the one about the annoying man in the middle of the night, hassling his mate to get some bread.

So how long is this ask and keep on asking supposed to go for?  God challenged me to think about the things that I’ve been praying for for years and haven’t seen answered yet and one thing came to mind.

Since I began kidmin about 8 years ago my prayer has been for God’s Spirit to be poured out on our kids.  My heart is to see them worshiping God with freedom and passion.  I want to see them use the spiritual gifts that God has given them. I want them to be passionate about prayer.

I’ve seen it in the Spirit, I’ve seen it in other churches, and I’ve seen glimpses of it in our kids from time to time, a partial answer to my prayer, but we havent seen kids coming on Sunday, sitting on the edge of their seats, anxious to get into worship.  We don’t have many kids bringing their friends just because they know that an encounter with God will change their life. We are so not there yet.

If it were about strategy, saying the right things and singing the right songs then we’d be there by now.  But it’s not.  It’s about praying and praying again. Asking and asking again.

Here’s a random thought… I would have thought that if God didn’t answer my prayer after a few years that my faith for that thing would get pretty weak.  But it hasn’t.  It’s stronger then ever.  Maybe it’s because if it wasn’t a desire that God has put on my heart it would have died by now.  I know beyond a doubt that it is the will of God and that He will answer.