The Ultimate Event Volunteers Chart

March 25, 2010

The Ultimate Event Volunteer Chart.  I’m super excited about this… I really like putting things in boxes.
One of the things that we are trying to do at the moment is streamlining all our processes, especially when it comes to running events.
So I hacked into the brains of a few people around the office and we came up with this…

The Ultimate Event Volunteer Chart

Whatever the event we can take jobs out and put more in, depending on what we need to do.  The key is that they always should fit under the 4 main catagories.

What do you think?  Would it work for you?  What could we do to make it really versatile?


March 23, 2010

This is something that we talked about at LifeGroup last night.  Here’s my fave definition

Excellence is doing the best with what you’ve got

Why is excellence important in kids ministry?  Here are a couple of my ideas, I would love to hear yours too…

  • When we do things well we put value on the people we do them for.  If something in the preschool room is tacky, it says a lot to the parents who come in to drop off their kids about how much we value them.
  • When we do things well we honor God.

What does something look like when it’s been done with excellence?

How important is excellence to you and why?

Push or Pull

March 21, 2010

Here’s a little piece about insecurity.

They way I see it, there are one of two things that will motivate me to do something.  Pull: responding to what God is telling me, allowing Him to stir me to do something, or Push: being influenced by what I feel other people think about me.

We get pushed when we feel insecure.  Perhaps we want to prove something to someone who we feel looks down on us or hurt us in the past.  Perhaps we want to prove something to ourselves. We feel pressure to perform, measure up. It always ends up badly, because when we do something from being pushed, we’re not doing it with the strength and grace that God provides.

Push is especially dangerous when we lead others.  Its like dominoes.  The standards that we put on ourselves get transferred to those we lead.  We push them.

But God is calling us, drawing us, stirring us.  He takes great delight when we step out with Him because it brings us to a place where we know and trust Him more.  God’s not pushy.  He’s inviting.

When we’re in a place where God has pulled us to, we can pull others in.

vote for your fave kidmin blog…

March 15, 2010

So, perhaps I’m a little like JD in the following video… ratings are meaningless… whats the point?

Then I see my blog listed there… ha ha.  It will never be number one because there are many bloggers on this planet that have spent years serving in kids ministry and their input into others through their blog is incredibly valuable.  But it is kinda nice!

So if you want to support a little blog from a kids pastor in NZ, then vote here.  One thing that I aim to do through this blog is to raise the profile of kids ministry in New Zealand, so voting can only help that!  And if you dont already then check out some of the other blogs in the running, they really are gold.

Unlimited 10

March 14, 2010

Got back from Christchurch at 1:30am today (Sunday) for the second week in a row.  Last weekend was for Emerge, input into the young leaders in our movement.  And this weekend it was with 12 of the best kids team on planet earth for a weekend at Unlimited conference.  We’ve been to this conference since it started 5 years ago and every year its had a huge impact on us. This year Planet Shakers’ Rob Bradbury was speaking.  Our team came away so inspired and impacted with dreams that God has been speaking to them about.  The best time had to be the last session.  Rob lead us through a time of just looking at God… not talking, not doing anything, just being still.  that was so powerful, and then the ministry that lead on from there had a life changing impact.

I love conferences.  There is something about being in an environment of expectation.  It lifts your faith to another level, creates space for God to do something big.  Often it takes someone else to speak into a group of people to break something that takes them to the next level.

So we all got up and lead LifeKids this morning and it went off!  What a team, regardless of how tired they were they gave their best.  God took it and really used it to impact our kids today.

Every place where you set your foot

March 3, 2010

Started reading Joshua the other day, I think I might get stuck in chapter one for a while, there is just so much in there!

We’ve heard the “every place you set your foot” thing over and over.  It’s important to remember that God had already specifically told the people the land that would be theirs, so the setting foot thing wasn’t just on random land but promised land.

What land has God promised you?  I asked myself that question… that land is the families in Dunedin that don’t yet know God, it’s my neighbors that are still lost, it’s the young mums that I have the privilege of getting to know at the moment.  But to see that land actually won and restored to the promises of God I need to step into it.

Stepping into that territory for me involves stepping outside my comfort zone and making an effort to connect with these people.  Truth is I’m so often occupied with organizing rosters, planning curriculum, working out what to say at the next team meeting and so on that I rarely ever STEP into the territory that God has promised.

Just another reminder to look at my priorities and make some adjustments.