Three things for core leaders

Had a fantastic time at Kidshaper New Zealand last weekend.  I’m so excited about what God is doing in kidmin in NZ and super stoked to have our own Kidshaper here – I really believe that it’s unlocking a lot of that potential.

Anyway, other than the message on grace that I’m still yet to really get my head around (despite it being so simple), here are 3 things that I took away that I shared with my core leaders this morning…

1.  Need to be spirit lead

If we are to be known for one thing it should be that we are Spirit lead, even more than providing a great program or even having great worship.  Therefore we need to be a team of prayers, not just because we need God to move but because we want to know what He wants to do amongst the kids.

2.  The WHY before the HOW

Always explain the vision for what we do before asking someone to do it – instructions without a vision become a task.  An example I heard was this… Imagine that you are showing a new volunteer the sign in procedures, you explain where to find name tags, where to find them on the register etc, then of course remind them to smile.  You’ve just made it a task for them.  But if you are to share the vision – you’ll be the first person the kids encounter, we want them to feel welcome and special from the first moment they walk in etc, then you are giving them purpose and it’s ministry, not just a task.

3.    Alignment

It’s OK to disagree in fact it is healthy.  Core leaders need to be able to disagree AND align with the direction of the leader.  We need to create a culture of putting ideas on the table and taking back self esteem and worth – that way we can throw it around and process without feeling stink cos we hold it too tight.

3 Responses to Three things for core leaders

  1. It looks as though you learned a lot, and I’m so glad that you decided to share those three core lessons to all of your readers! I’ve already printed your blog post out and am looking forward to sharing it with my fellow children’s ministry leaders. But just one question—why has it been so long since you posted something??

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for your comment Margo!
    Yea it has been a while since I’ve blogged. The main reason is that it’s been a busy season and I knew I needed to put more energy into building LifeKids then my blog. Planning on getting back into it soon but might do things a little differently. watch this space!

  3. Kirsten says:

    Ever read Mark Yaconelli? I (accidently) went to one of his seminars and came back with a very different view on recruiting/keeping volunteers, a lot along the same lines as you’re going! It’s an amazing journey – God bless you as you take it!

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