a walk down memory lane

if about 8 years counts.

I started cleaning out the old filing cabinet that’s in my office – I’ve spent hours in the past getting it all organised, but the reality now is that there isn’t much that’s in there that I wouldn’t have instant access online now, so most of it is heading for the recycling bin.  The real one that is.

I’m fascinated by all the resources that I’ve uncovered from past kids pastors, but I’m even more fascinated by the stuff I did early on.  I’ve found curriculum that I wrote, even without the amazing team that help me now.  I’ve found evaluations that I wrote on the back of run sheets.  I was actually really organised, came up with some quality stuff and worked really hard.

I find it easy to look back and feel like what I did didn’t have much value, that it was just so far from the awesome that we are only starting to get to now.  Past Sarah is telling now Sarah that what I did actually had loads of value.  There is no time wasted.  God totally used what we were doing back then, just as He is now!

Just thinking!

One Response to a walk down memory lane

  1. I’ve been on something of an organization kick lately, but mine was directed toward my children’s ministry supply closet. You wouldn’t believe the amount of construction paper, sparkles, and other fun craft supplies that I came across—along with some pretty great activity ideas that I had totally forgotten about! You’ve inspired me…my filing cabinet is next.

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