Boys + Love

If you do kidmin then you will most likely have encountered this problem… so much of the Christian message is about love. We sing songs about how we love God, talk about His unconditional love for us and how we love other people.

Of course most girls don’t have a problem with this, they’re cool with the same old action of putting your hands over your heart for the word “love” in yet another song. Most girls like a good love story.

But boys, not so much. I’ve always tried to not make it too girly, but on Sunday when we were singing yet ANOTHER song about love, I heard some of the boys saying “ewwwww”.

The problem is that the fairly tale ideas of love that the kids hear time and time again just aren’t really love. We explained to the kids that the greatest expression of love in the whole world wasn’t girly AT ALL! In fact, it was the most “manly” thing that could be done (cue the grunting), that Jesus was willing to give up His life for the people that He loves.

After LifeKids, one of the boys came up and said that he knows of a ‘true love story’… I was curious. His answer was The Princess Bride.

I think that this is a message that we’ll need to repeat over and over again with our kids. The message that love is a fairy tale mushy pink thing is our faces all the time, so the message that love is being willing to give up our life for God and people needs to be in their faces too.

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