Something to do with kids ministry

I haven’t written much for a while, and when I have it’s been about other stuff.  So here are some thoughts I’ve been thinking recently about kidmin…

  • God wants to breath in our kids services.  We can’t live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit, kids are no different.  God has really showed me again how much He wants kids to have an encounter with Him.
  • Don’t underestimate fun – if kids aren’t laughing then they most likely won’t sit still and absorb the serious stuff.  Can’t go past the classic Fluffy Bunnies or a good balloon game.
  • Nothing beats a well planned run sheet on a Sunday morning
  • Preteens/early teens are keen to serve.  We’ve got a great bunch of year 7-10’s who have graduated to Urban Youth and they are passionate about making sure that the kids younger then them have the amazing experience at LifeKids that they had.  They rock my week!
  • Parents bring their kids to your ministry for a reason.  It’s not because they love dragging their kids out the door when they could all be sleeping in and it’s not for the tea and coffee after the service… they usually want their kids to be in the House of God. Most likely it’s also because they like you and what you’re doing… they might just forget to tell you.  So unless you hear otherwise, assume it’s true!


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