I love the local church

She is beautiful. She is God’s design.

I love to see churches in Christchurch get out and love their communities, checking on those unaccounted for, helping meet peoples needs by clearing driveways, sourcing water, hand sanitizer and other essentials. I love how local churches can get into communities so quickly in a way that other organisations can’t. I love how they will still be there when all the other organisations have finished.

I love that no-one who is a part of a local church at a time like this needs to be in isolation and feeling lonely. I love that they are family.

I love how local churches around Aotearoa are supporting each other through these times. I love that we can meet and pray together as local churches and that our prayer brings heaven to earth.

I love churches of all sizes and flavors.
What a great idea God!

2 Responses to I love the local church

  1. Chris Neal says:

    Great stuff Sarah!
    If your like Christian hip hop, check out a sing called “The Bride” by Lecrae. Great song about the church 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    thanx Chris, ur so gangsta

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