Let’s pray in New Zealands Darkest Hour

it’s hard to know how to start this post. You’ll probably know by now that Christchurch has had yet another earth quake, but unlike September 4th this one is much more serious. Though smaller, it was shallower, closer to the city and during most peoples lunch hour.

Today’s focus solely on saving lives – Mayor – National – Video – 3 News.

It is really encouraging to see people around the world praying for Christchurch.  Even though we are only a few hours drive away here in Dunedin and even felt it ourselves one of the only things we can do is pray too.

I just heard myself there… only thing we can do…‽ Sometimes we treat prayer as a last resort… can’t DO anything about it, so pray.  Prayer is so much more powerful than that.  God responds to prayer when we pour out our hearts to Him.  Miracles have already happened and many more will as we continue to pray.

So since this blog is about kidmin, here are some things I’m praying for, you might like to join in with me.

  • Kids in Chch to have an acute awareness of God’s presence and comfort at this time, whether they know Him or not
  • Kids would feel safe as well as be safe – a lot of anxious kids there at the mo
  • Parents would be strengthened during this time
  • Domestic violence is a huge issue around an event like this – pray for protection esp for kids
  • Church leaders to have wisdom to know how to lead their peeps through this time pastorally as well as responding to the needs of their communities
  • The church to be a light, bringing hope into hopeless situations

That’s just a start. Feel free to add more.

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