Christmas Traditions: Decorations

Goes without saying really, it just wouldn’t “feel” like Christmas without decorations. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I love sparkly things.  I love tinsel, I love candles, I love colour coordinating the Christmas tree… ok that one might be because I have a problem…

Most Christmas decorations have some kind of story to tell.  Even if they originated from some kind of pagan tradition you can find a way of using them to tell the story of the original Christmas miracle.   Here are some thoughts…

  • Gold and silver: royalty, Jesus is King and some wise guys brought him gifts.
  • Christmas tree/green: represents life, Jesus is the giver of eternal life.
  • Red and White: Jesus’ blood + he was perfect and pure

As for pink, purple and blue… I dunno, make something up.

Make decorating a special time.  Perhaps you do it together as a family on the first Saturday of December, but whenever you do it, TALK about it.  Take your time and talk about different parts of the Christmas story as you go, using the decorations to draw their attention to it.  Whenever the kids see the decorations, they will remember what you told them.  Just something else to point them towards Jesus who is the most important part of it all!

I tend to avoid Santa, elves, reindeer, snow men etc decorations just because they don’t add anything towards the real point of Christmas.

Nativity Set

I saw this in someones house and I had to get one… a beautiful wooden nativity set that sat on a coffee table.  It was large carved out blocks that fit together and painted different colours.  I think it was from Trade Aid but unfortunately I couldn’t find one quite like it, but found something along those lines in Trade Me.  A plastic one would do the same thing.  It’s cool to have it somewhere where it can get played with.  Once again you can use it to tell the Christmas story, then when kids play with it they will think of the story, they might even be able to retell it using the pieces of the set.


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