Christmas Traditions: Christmas Bear

This one isn’t overly spiritual or significant, it’s just plain fun… and really CUTE!

I’ve been known to be a winner at finding treasures in op shops, yea I like to call it a gift.  So one day last year I was shopping for our family op shop Christmas (something worthy of a separate post) and I came across this little treasure.  I took him home (at the steep price of 50c) gave him a little wash (to be on the safe side) and made him part of the family.  Introducing… Christmas Bear

Christmas Bear sits on the side of the couch all December.  He is available for hugs for anyone that needs them.  He can be used to comfort upset kiddies (he’s been known to be a great listener to the occasional adult too).  Just like a puppet who only talks to the adult then the adult tells the kid He can be used to teach kids stuff  and behavior management… “Christmas Bear tells me that if you tidy the toys he’ll give you a big hug”, “Christmas Bear wants to hear a story about Christmas, do you want to listen too?”.  Kids can tell Christmas Bear how their day has been or how they feel about something.

I got Chrisrmas Bear out of the cupboard today while the kids were at my place and they were really excited. One of them even tried to use him to comfort a younger sibling when she was upset (emphasis on tried).  This character (or any others you want to create) come alive in a kids imagination while still being tangible enough that they know the difference between what is real and fantasy.

At the end of December Christmas Bear goes into hibernation along with the rest of the decorations.


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