Creating Christmas Traditions

Quite a few of my friends are at a point in life where the have young families and are talking about creating Christmas traditions.  It’s a great way to create memories and a sense of belonging and identity as part of a family. But another cool thing about it is that traditions can be used to point ourselves towards Jesus.  The old cliche says, Jesus is the reason for the season.  How easy is that to forget?  Especially in such a materialistic self centered world.  Kids especially get gripped by the sparkle and lights, the food and presents.  No matter what they learned at church on Sunday it’s kinda easy to get distracted.

Kids (like the rest of us) need be reminded in the midst of all the other stuff we love about Christmas that it is actually all about Jesus and to make Him number one.  That’s actually what Advent is all about. The Latin word that Advent comes from means “coming”.  It’s a season of expecting something… it has the potential to be a season where we once again focus on Jesus, remember that He is the centre of EVERYTHING, and that He is coming again… ADVENT.  So how bout create some traditions that not only bring familes together and create memories, but point us all towards Jesus.

I’ll try and post a few ideas over the next couple of weeks… I will field test them first with the kids I look after, and some will be from my own family and childhood.  If you’ve got any ideas then sharing is caring!

P.s here is the wikipedia article on Advent, give you some context to it.


2 Responses to Creating Christmas Traditions

  1. Amber Kyles says:

    Hey Sarah 🙂

    That is an interesting post – I was recently thinking about the same topic last week.

    You know, I don’t ever want to teach my kids about Santa Claus! I actually kind of want my offspring to be the little punks that tell other kids it’s a lie, hahaha. Kidding, but semi-true… Why do we need to pretend of the existence of a jolly fat man in a red suit to demonstrate generosity (and now, consumerism)?

    (Although, just to clarify I do believe having fantastical ideas and a vivid imagination to be a requirement of childhood…and adulthood. And I also figure that the concept of Santa Claus is not wrong or invaluable, but I don’t really like what it’s used for now.)

    Giving and receiving gifts, face to face and with love is super! I want to teach my kids about God’s love, and his gift of life through Jesus. Christmas gift giving and spending time celebrating Jesus is a great way to do that. I want my family to be really up front about why we give one another gifts.

    Advent, as a season of preparation + expectation, is a rad idea, and one that I will think more on. I never understood it as a kid, aside from it being the lead-up time to when sweet baby Jesus’ birthday was celebrated and the time of anxious waiting till when I got heaps of presents. 😀

    Looking forward to seeing some of your ideas on Christmas traditions.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for your comment Amber. Yea Santa is a very interesting topic… I might have to do a whole post on it!

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