add a little ORANGE

I love that family ministry is so hot right now in kidmin.  Whether it’s Orange or something else that has inspired you to think family, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the stuff we think we should be doing. If you’ve been doing this gig for long enough then you’ll know that trying to do it all at once is a recipe for disaster… so here’s my strategy…

add a little ORANGE

We look at what we are already doing and… add a little ORANGE!


  • Guy Fawkes – rather then just doing an EPIC and Urban event on a Friday night, we added a little orange and opened it up to families.  We had a wide range of ages there, young families spent some quality time together without having to organise something themselves or spend much money, new families connected well with existing families, families invited other families. All round a winner I think!
  • Sunday services… while the way we do church on a Sunday is not very “orange”, we managed to reintroduce the (once dreaded) Family Service. Traditionally in our church this means putting kids on stage cos they’re cute and making everyone cringe with hideous puppets and awful songs and making everyone that is not a parent feel out of place… not very orange really.  We added a little orange and had an “All In” service were the main goal is for families to have a meaningful time in church together and people of all ages to be contributing in different ways.  I think this was fairly successful and I’m looking forward to doing it again!
  • Revo Film Festival – this wasn’t my doing, it was opened up to the whole church (used to be just youth and students) and families took their own initiative to add a little orange. Kids were involved in some of the films and a few of them even got dressed up and came along to the Roscers.
  • Project Solution also used to be a youth and students thing but was opened up to the whole church.  Adding a little orange meant that kids wern’t involved in a project just as part of LifeKids but as part of their family.  I really believe that families are called together, not just called as individuals.  Serving their community together is very orange indeed.  Very cool I think.

We’re just beginning, only scratching the surface really… baby dedications is something else on the cards to get the orange paint bucket out for, and we’re going to paint E-Nights orange by developing two night courses for parents around spiritual parenting.

It’s actually fairly simple when you take something your church is already doing and add a little orange!


One Response to add a little ORANGE

  1. Melanie says:

    This is awesome Sarah. I’m excited about where this is going to go next year.. 🙂

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