I heart pastors kids

If I had ten cents for every time I hear about pastors and leaders kids getting messed up because their parents pour their heart and soul into ministry, meanwhile the kids are getting their second best then I would be very rich indeed.

We’ve all heard those stories. However, I’ve noticed something different in the leaders kids in our movement. I’ve only seen a glimpse this week, but they are kids that love God more then any other group of kids I’ve seen, and they love the church too.

We seem to have a great healthy culture of parenting in our movement. It gets talked about a lot which is good. Parents don’t put their “call” on hold because they have kids, but they do understand priorities. Even our national leader’s kids have grown up to love the house of God because of their parents love for the House and love for them. And their kids are going on to love God too.

These kids love worshiping God, they love praying, the know EVERY Bible story (which as I’ve found makes it very difficult to create suspense), they are pretty much AWESOME!

I know these parents aren’t by any means perfect but they’re healthy. It’s very exciting to see!


2 Responses to I heart pastors kids

  1. Dee says:

    I’m a children’s director and my husband is a senior pastor. We have a 17, 20, and 22 year old. My 22 year old is a music director at a church. My 20 year old faithfully attends church at a church near her college. My 17 year old loves gong to youth group. All are actively involved in their faith and learned leadership skills through working alongside their parents.

  2. Sarah says:

    That’s awesome Dee!

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