Networking  is one of my favorite past times.  I just love connecting with other kidmins and I love connecting people that will be able to encourage each other in what they do.  Thats why this is so exciting… is created by Michale Chanley, the same kidmingenius that brought you CMConnect.

Check it out, find a map of your area (if yours isn’t up yet, hang in there, more on the way!), select some pixils and create a link from those profiles to your blog/cmconnect/twitter/fb…

It’s great cos you can visually see who in your area is doing Kidmin, the CONNECT with them!  Yeya!

Along with physical regions, you can also have pixels on the facebook, twitter and blog pages.

I’m hanging out for New Zealand to be added…


2 Responses to imakidmin

  1. New Zealand will have its day… I promise!

    Thanks for helping us to spread the word. Until we get New Zealand up, feel free to post yourself off the east coast of Australia. Then, you’ll automatically get the email announcing New Zealand has been released.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Michael Chanley

  2. Sarah says:

    Cool thanks Mike!

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