Comfort vs Glory

Reading through Acts I get to some places where I think, “why can’t we just stay here, this is nice”. It was nice that all the believers spent most of their time together and shared everything.  It was nice that Peter and friends hung out at Solomon’s Colonnade and healed people that came from all over.  It was nice that the authorities were a little scared of what would happen if they tired to take these guys out because they had such a big following.  But every time there is a nice story, the next paragraph gets a little uncomfortable.

Imagine though what would have happened if God hadn’t moved them from one challenge to the next?  I’m sure you know as well as I do that their success would have gone to their head.  With out new challenges, how is it going to stay about Him and not us? How are we going to take new ground? How can we give God glory by doing things in His strength and not ours?

Their heart wasn’t set on success, on getting to a place where they were running a great operation and where they were in control of what is going to happen next.  Their hearts were set on giving God glory!  That is why they were able to praise Him in prison, in persecution, and right up to the moment they were killed.  Even in their death God was given the glory!

This really challenged me today. Is the underlying goal in my life to do whatever it takes to get comfortable in my job, my ministry, my relationships etc or is it to give God glory?


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