10 Signs you are a LifeKids Leader

1. You have nightmares about Chris Pooley’s shoes

2. During the adult service you “strategically” reposition yourself to sit between two adults who aren’t listening to the sermon

3. At Revolution you do actions to all the songs. If there are no actions you make them up as you go

4. You put your hand up to speak at your LifeGroup/Hub

5. You turn around and give “the look” when someone behind you is giggling at Revo or Shake

6. You spend more of your life on the floor then on chairs

7. You’ve got “Crazy Praise” or “Love Never Fails” as your ring tone

8. You spend more time around the foosball table then the coffee machine after the service

9. Every time someone is preaching and tells you to look something up in the Bible you think it is a race and yell “GOT IT”

10. The only day of the week that your LifeKids T-shirt doesn’t get worn is washing day


2 Responses to 10 Signs you are a LifeKids Leader

  1. Gabby says:

    Hahahahahaha all that you jsut said is soooo true hahaha LOVE IT!!!!

  2. matthewsch says:

    Ha ha ha number 1!!!

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