This is what happens when I try to buy some bunks…

Thinking bout getting bunks for a while now. Saw them on special at the WareHouse. Purchased them.

One piece was really damaged. Took it back and got it replaced. And that was trip one.

Noticed that there were no screws in the box. Back to pick them up. That was trip two.

New piece I picked up earlier didn’t fit. Back for trip three. They couldn’t replace it so had to go home, load the whole lot into my car.

Trip 4 was to get an entirely new unit. All done.

Until I try to put the ladder together. Wholes the wrong size for screws. Flatmate kindly took it back for me, that was trip 5. New bar for ladder one cm too short!

Just decided I will make trip 6. This will be with the whole unit (once I’ve taken it down). And I’ll get my money back while I’m at it… then take advantage of the old bunks at my parents place that I forgot about (thanks in advance mum and dad)

We all know that God rested on day 7 so I’m hoping this will take the same pattern.


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