How NOT to run a camp

A while ago I posted How to run a camp.  It seems like it was quite a popular topic, so following KidsRock last weekend I thought I would express the ups and downs and everything with this, how to NOT run a camp! Some of these things we did exceptionally well… some… not so good, I’ll let you guess

1. Do not write lists of everything that you need to do and everyone you are taking.  If you do, leave them behind.

2. Do not delegate

3. Do not turn the van lights off when you make a dinner stop on the way to camp.  It is most essential that this van gets stranded because the worship leader is in this van and we want to start everything an hour late.

4. Do not give the 18 year old who is driving a map.  Actually you mind as well, he probably wont use it.

5. Organise everything the week before.

6. Do not pray.  If you do, only pray a little bit.

7. Forget an important piece of camera equipment.

8. We all know there is nothing wrong with dial up internet, it takes us back to the dark ages.  Make sure it is the only connection available at the camp site, especially if your speaker is a geek and will literally die without a fast connection.

9. Don’t expect the unexpected

10. If the printer makes a spelling mistake and that mistake happens to be the speakers name, don’t get them to print the promo materiel again.  In fact, you should leave it on your desk for the guest speaker to see when they just happen to be in your office.

11. Keep your leaders in the dark.  Don’t tell them what to expect or what they are expected to do.

12. Don’t invite other churches, it might make the camp incredibly awesome.

13. Do not use google docs.  It will actually allow everyone to be on the same page.  We do after all want everyone to be in the dark.

14. Trust the guest speaker from Australia to know how to use a heater.

15. Don’t even run a camp.

16. Don’t get the amazing team from Invercargill Christian Center to run games.  You might end up with a kid hitting himself in the head with a hammer.

Truth is it was an amazing camp, despite our epic fails God turned up and did some great stuff in the kids lives.  Thanks Dave Wakerley (affectionately know as Dav) for taking the time to hang out with us for the weekend and to invest into a great bunch of Kiwi kids!


3 Responses to How NOT to run a camp

  1. Cadu says:

    Knowing the guest speaker (Dave), this post made me laugh a lot… 🙂

    And I hope the dial-up part didn’t happen, that would be really hard… lol

  2. I feel terrible for your poor guest speaker. He must be a very forgiving person 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    yea he was quite reasonable about the whole ordeal

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