What kids think about God

I was in the van with the 4 kids that I look after this week and it turned into the most insightful conversation about God.  These kids don’t have a church background.  They would have said that they believe in God but up until I met them a few months ago they had never been to church.  Someone asked a question about God, I can’t remember what it was, but my reply was “what do you think God is like?”

Here are some of the things that these kids think God is like…

  • Well He’s a person, except that He can’t look like people cos He’s too big. He’s bigger then the whole world.  He’s bigger then the whole universe.
  • I think that He is everywhere, like a cloud, or actually like the air
  • He’s a King with a crown.

Incredible! They have asked me a few questions about God in the past and been to church a handful of times, but they have an insight into what God is like!  It seems that for kids, an understanding of what God is like comes naturally.

There is still so much I can’t wait for them to learn and I know they are hungry for it!


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