This is something that we talked about at LifeGroup last night.  Here’s my fave definition

Excellence is doing the best with what you’ve got

Why is excellence important in kids ministry?  Here are a couple of my ideas, I would love to hear yours too…

  • When we do things well we put value on the people we do them for.  If something in the preschool room is tacky, it says a lot to the parents who come in to drop off their kids about how much we value them.
  • When we do things well we honor God.

What does something look like when it’s been done with excellence?

How important is excellence to you and why?


2 Responses to Excellence

  1. Tim Inman says:

    I totally agree, but I am a little worried that though ‘excellence’ covers a lot, in my experience it gets applied narrowly, to things looking and feeling (outwardly) excellent.

    I would suppose Jesus’ emphasis is on loving excellently; sacrificially – and yes sometimes that means making things look and smell nice – like your subordinates’ feet 🙂

  2. Dan Kyles says:

    Couldn’t agree more Tim. Great thoughts too Sarah, keep up the good posting. 🙂

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