Push or Pull

Here’s a little piece about insecurity.

They way I see it, there are one of two things that will motivate me to do something.  Pull: responding to what God is telling me, allowing Him to stir me to do something, or Push: being influenced by what I feel other people think about me.

We get pushed when we feel insecure.  Perhaps we want to prove something to someone who we feel looks down on us or hurt us in the past.  Perhaps we want to prove something to ourselves. We feel pressure to perform, measure up. It always ends up badly, because when we do something from being pushed, we’re not doing it with the strength and grace that God provides.

Push is especially dangerous when we lead others.  Its like dominoes.  The standards that we put on ourselves get transferred to those we lead.  We push them.

But God is calling us, drawing us, stirring us.  He takes great delight when we step out with Him because it brings us to a place where we know and trust Him more.  God’s not pushy.  He’s inviting.

When we’re in a place where God has pulled us to, we can pull others in.


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