Every place where you set your foot

Started reading Joshua the other day, I think I might get stuck in chapter one for a while, there is just so much in there!

We’ve heard the “every place you set your foot” thing over and over.  It’s important to remember that God had already specifically told the people the land that would be theirs, so the setting foot thing wasn’t just on random land but promised land.

What land has God promised you?  I asked myself that question… that land is the families in Dunedin that don’t yet know God, it’s my neighbors that are still lost, it’s the young mums that I have the privilege of getting to know at the moment.  But to see that land actually won and restored to the promises of God I need to step into it.

Stepping into that territory for me involves stepping outside my comfort zone and making an effort to connect with these people.  Truth is I’m so often occupied with organizing rosters, planning curriculum, working out what to say at the next team meeting and so on that I rarely ever STEP into the territory that God has promised.

Just another reminder to look at my priorities and make some adjustments.


One Response to Every place where you set your foot

  1. Virginia says:

    Well said. It’s a struggle, but a necessary one to figure out what to let go of (and let other people do) so we can step outside.

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