Slow Down

This one is for all you task orientated people out there… my philosophy on life seems to have been to do everything as fast as I can so that I can smell the roses at the other end.  Trouble is that even when I do occasionally get to the other end, I don’t actually really relax that well because I’ve been going a million miles an hour.

But this year God has shown me it’s not the only way, in fact it’s not the way he designed me to work at all. Ps Paul challenged us as staff meeting last week to not HURRY! That’s exactly where it’s at. This is what I’ve found… slowing down…

  • help me see things I otherwise missed
  • requires me to trust God that things would get done rather then striving in my own strength
  • is more Mary then Martha
  • gives more time to people
  • makes life so much more fun
  • draws me closer to my creator

There have been a few close calls of things that I’ve needed to get done, but God always comes through.  I’m learning to trust God and honor him with  my time.


One Response to Slow Down

  1. Rags says:

    thanks for reminder. I must believe that its possible to slow down!

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