He had compassion on them and healed their sick…

Was reading Matthew 14 this morning.  The gospels seem to say that a lot… He saw all the crowds and had compassion on them and healed their sick.  He cared for people then he performed miracles and helped them out.

Last week at Southern Cross Kids Camp I had the privileged of getting to know some great kids from rough backgrounds.  As we served these kids we knew something of God’s heart for them.  In this place of sharing God’s compassion and love for kids I found it so easy to believe that God would answer my prayers for them.  And guess what… many of the things we prayed for were anwsred…

We saw kids who normally wouldn’t have friends make friends.  Kids who would normally act up get involved in everything.  Kids who would normally be fearful give everything a go!  Kids who have never gone to church ask for their bible to be read to them and to pray before bed time. They asked for it!

We saw bit by bit the broken hearts begin to be healed.  God is not finished yet, he has so much more to do in their lives, but I am so glad that He has shown me to have compassion on them… my faith has soared.


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