Slogan Maker

This is so much fun! When we were doing some curriculum writing we kinda got a bit side tracked…

Our topic for Feb is the House of God, we decided to try that in a slogan.  We were almost wetting ourselves with some of them.  Here are some of my faves…

  • Mum’s gone to House of God
  • Absolute House of God
  • Just for the taste of House of God
  • Have House of God Your Way
  • There’s Always Room for House of God
  • Make Every House of God Count
  • 3 in 1 at House of God
  • A Day Without House of God is Like a Day Without Sunshine
  • The Real Smell House of God
  • You’ll Look a Little Lovelier Every Day with Fabulous Pink House of God
  • Where’s The House of God?
  • House of God Prevents that Sinking Feeling
  • The Cookie That Thinks its a House of God
  • It’s the Bright One, It’s the Right One, It’s House of God!
  • Leggo My House of God
  • Smart. Beautiful. House of God.
  • Get the House of God Habit
  • The House of God of Champions
  • Happiness is House of God Shaped

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