Defeating the giant of FAILURE

giantLast night at Revo James preached a whopper: Defeating the giant of failure! You can listen to it here.

We’ve got this saying at the moment… when someone does something that was obviously stupid and the result was… somewhat less then desirable… just to rub it in, someone else sarcastically declares FAIL.  It’s funny how it’s easy for our jokes to be negative, pulling others down. Why can’t we be positive? Why can’t we say SUCCESS every time someone does something right?

Failures can be anything from failing an exam, messing up a friendship, dropping your toast on the floor (jam side down), getting into debt, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, crashing the car… to things that you don’t even have control over – parents split, loosing your job, praying for years and not getting the answer you’d hoped for.

The Bible is filled with failures… Adam and Eve – kicked out of the garden – FAIL. Noah – gets drunk and naked – FAIL. Joseph – brothers throw him in a pit and becomes a slave – FAIL.  David – sleeps with woman, kills husband – FAIL. Jonah – heads the wrong direction – FAIL.  Jesus – conceived out of marriage, lives in a town that “nothing good could come from”, picks up fathers trade (not chosen to follow a Rabi) – FAIL

Yet in each of these stories there are huge victories, Jesus’ victory being the ultimate!

We looked at Luke 15, the parable of the lost son.  What was the son’s problem, why didn’t he just come home the moment he knew he could no longer make it on his own?  I’m sure you will know from your own story that the problem was PRIDE.  Pride inflates the giant of failure… “if you turn back now you’ll be admitting you’ve made the wrong choice”… “everyone will know that you’ve failed”… ever heard those words in your own mind?

So how do we deflate this giant? With HONESTY and HUMILITY. We need to be honest about our failures, not become experts at covering them up.  Admit that you’ve messed it up, don’t wait for someone to declear FAIL! And humility… check out James 4:

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

I like this! The devil is also known as the accuser – the one who makes you feel really stink about your failures.  When we humble ourselves before God, honestly admit that we’ve messed it up, the devil has to flee!  He can’t accuse you when you’ve been honest and accepted God’s grace.

What a good message!  Well done James on hitting the nail on the head yet again!


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