How playgroups can make mums feel

Just read this artical about an Australian study that shows that playgroups make mums feel even more guilty then usual because of comparing their children and themselves as parents.

I’m not yet a parent, but I’ve heard this concern expressed by several of my friends who are.  If we’re running a playgroup as a church, I want it to be a place where parents are built up, encouraged and equipped, not walk away feeling like they’re not cutting it as a parent.

Do you run a play group in your church?  What can we do to encourage and  uplifting culutre rather then a comparing culture?  Would love some thoughts.


One Response to How playgroups can make mums feel

  1. Nikki says:


    We run a community playgroup and we have a great group of mums and kids, we all talk realistically about the struggles that we are having as parents and also about the great things. It is nice to have a group of mums who enjoy catching up while all the children play together. I have only had good experiences. I think the key is to make sure that you are open about the struggles as well as the good parts as the reality all parents have days where they would happyily return their children.

    Playgroups can be great places and others who go can office help and advice. Share with others can lead to positive experiences.


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